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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meet Panucho!

-Meet Panucho! He's an extra special boy. With his undeniable beauty and the love he shares with everyone and every dog, you would never know he's been the victim of a burn.

He has a pretty bad scar on his back because he was apparently burned with hot water.
  His scar will never grow hair again, but his heart will never give up on finding the family he deserves and longs for. When he first arrived at the shelter he was a little scared, but what dog wouldn't after having gone through a tragedy?
In less than a few weeks, he now knows that there are good people in the world and that one special person is waiting out there for him. At first he is cautions when meeting people, but if you are friendly to him, he'll come and play. He LOVES to give kisses, very affectionate!

If you would like to have more information about this dog you can email us at

Monday, August 16, 2010

Francisco makes the news in his new hometown!

Last week we told you about sato Francisco and his rescue. The Tribune in Greeley, CO did a wonderful story on Francisco and his new family which can be read here -

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Happy Ending for Francisco

Sometimes, there are strength in numbers.When you feel all hope is lost, you reach out for help and there is someone (or multiple people) there to listen and great things can happen.

Sometimes the stars align and it feels like they have come together to guide you in the path you are meant to go. Sometimes, you meet a friend along that path.

Such is the case for Ty and Francisco. A bond between a man and a dog that could not be broken. Despite all odds, they were reunited. 

This is their story.

Save a Sato received an E-mail filled with desperation. We often try to help tourists with dogs they have bonded with during their stay on the Enchanted Island. Many want to leave the dog at our shelter, and a few want to take the dog home with them and we help facilitate that when possible. But Ty's story was different.

Here is his E-mail in part -

My Name is Ty. I just got back from Isabela, Puerto Rico last night. While there we came across a dog lounging in front of the restaurant entry ways. He was clearly a stray. I didn’t think much of him kindly petted him and went on my way. Well over the course of the next few days we continuously kept coming across the beautiful dog. The locals called him Francisco.

So more and more he started to follow wherever I went. In some cases astounding me by showing up where I would least expect him. Basically long story short this dog adopted me. I was overwhelmed at the love and attention this dog was giving me. He instantly took a place in my heart. I knew the day before I left I was going to be adopting this dog and taking him home to create many memories and give him a better life.

On Saturday afternoon my girlfriend and I started making our way to the closest Vet hospital to see what channels and help he needed to come home with me. We did not have a car and the walk was only about 2 miles. On the way there a car came around the corner way to fast and hit Francisco right in front of our eyes and continued on as if nothing happened. Francisco immediately bolted into the forest with what obviously looked like 2 broken back legs. We ran after him calling for him but could not find him. We spent the next 12 hours before I had to fly out trying to recover him.

You have no idea how hard this is to explain and this has to be one of the most traumatizing events recently for me. But I want to know how I can go about adopting a dog here in Colorado from Puerto Rico. It’s next to an impossible miracle that I will ever see Francisco again or the fact that someone may have found him and helped him out. But now I want to honor him and his name by saving another dog in the same situation.

I have truly lost a piece of my heart and need to find a helpful way to fill that hole in his honor.

Such a heartbreaking E-mail, and we had very little opportunity to help him - Isabela is clear across the island from where our volunteers are, and the chances of finding an injured stray were very slim. But Francisco had other ideas, and obviouly knew where he should go to seek help.

A few days after Ty's E-mail, he sent us the most amazing news! Many people were looking out for Francisco, and he was spotted by locals at the places he used to visit, where he first found Ty. They were able to feed him, rescue him and get his wounds treated. Another rescuer in the area helped with a kennel, vetting and paperwork and Francisco was prepared for the flight to Colorado!

Here are some photos of Francisco being reunited with Ty - few people would go through the extent to save a stray dog and bring him home, Francisco is a very lucky sato to have found Ty!

Francisco arrives from Aquadilla, PR

The welcoming committee in Colorado

Francisco and Ty, together at last

Francisco on his way home!

 A good bath is in order!

Best Friends after a long day

 Thanks to Ty and the many volunteers and kind people in Puerto Rico Francisco is home. Ty's closing words in his last E-mail to us say it best -

Francisco is officially home with me. His amazing story has concluded in a happy ending and his story is tremendous and must be heard by anyone curious about adopting from great distances. They need to know the effort is worth it and it is so rewarding knowing that you are helping an innocent life. 

One sato at a time. Ty and his family are an inspiration to us.