Sato Adds

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

One of our sato has been adopted!!

 just wanted to say thank you, we’ve had our puppy for a couple weeks now and love him so much.  He is a lab mix that left your shelter in Feb/March to come to Paws in Albion NY. 
We have renamed him Bowie and he’s doing great in his new home.  It’s amazing the work you do for these animals.  I attached some photos of happy healthy Bowie that I thought you would enjoy seeing.

Chico will be missed...

After 16 wonderful years, I put my fur baby, Chico, to rest. He was rescued by your organization and brought to the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA where we found him. Thank you for all that you do... for the animals and the families that love them. God bless

From our sato email!

Theodore Martin

Adopted May 4th in Broward County Florida.  He is a cutie pie.  God bless you all ♥️

Riggs a.k.a Fernando will be missed...

14 years ago I had the great fortune of adopting Rigatoni “Fernando” aka Riggs from Sterling Animal Shelter. My little bear cub was saved off the beaches of Puerto Rico by Gloria and her pals in March 2004. He was 8 or 10 weeks old when I adopted him - my sweet boy with the blue tongue and most beautiful brown eyes. Riggs lived a full and healthy life as my constant sidekick - walks every day, a huge yard for digging his bunkers to hide in, a sister dog who drove him nuts but he loved her anyway, and four cats who he begrudgingly enjoyed.
He was handsome as could be and always loved grooming day. He was a great swimmer, fantastic smoocher, and the love of my life. Sadly I had to say goodbye to him yesterday. Old age got the best of him. I will always be grateful to Gloria and those amazing volunteers in Puerto Rico for saving him and sending him to Sterling. Much love and gratitude. 
Sandra Gittlen 

Nena will be missed.....

Thank you so very much for our beautiful Nena.  We adopted Nena in 2003 from PAWS in Bethel, CT and she was my wedding present from my husband to be! She started our family and she was my constant companion, helping to raise our son & daughter.  Sadly our girl passed in late August 2018 and she is greatly missed each day.  Thank you for all that you do & for saving our precious girl so she could love us every day she was with us.

Kindest Regards,
Clare Ramery

Monday, January 9, 2017

Blanco! otra historia de final feliz!

Hace un mes y medio adoptamos a Blanco a través del Humane Society of Broward County. 
Cuando llegó a nuestra casa era un perro muy asustadizo y nervioso. 
Hoy, un mes y medio después de haberle abierto nuestro corazón a este rayito de luz, estamos más que felices de haber tomado esta decisión. 
Es el perro más dulce, inteligente y juguetón que he conocido. 
No podemos estar más contentos de haberlo hecho parte de nuestra familia. Es el bebe de la casa. Gracias por haberlo rescatado, porque sin la oportunidad que ustedes le dieron, no tendríamos a esta alegría en la familia. 

Rambo, living happy!

    Hello my name is Kristi Cox, my husband Steve and I adopted Rambo now Maximilian. He is one happy boy. He lives in the air conditioning with his new Boston terrier, lab, and a collie mix siblings. He loves to chase the cat.
A dinosaur nylabone is his favorite toy. He is learning that a bed is a good place to sleep, and couches are fun to lay on. He is an amazing little man who we love so much. He also loves getting frosted puppy cookies! I have attached some pictures for you. Thank you for saving this sweet boy, and all the others who need you.

Gizmo, formerly known as Cano!

Hello! This is Cris Baumgart. I meant to send pics last year when I first adopted Gizmo (formerly known as Cano.) I rescued him from Broward Humane Society when he was brought over to escape Tropical Storm Erika in 2015. He is doing amazing and loves his brother Zeus, a 140 lb. Dogo Argentino and Domino, a 30 lb. Beagle/Pointer. From what I was told, he was rescued out of a washing machine with his mother and siblings. From last year to this year, he is a completely different dog. He is so active, and his shyness is almost completely gone. The only thing he gets scared of is looking at someone with a towel wrapped around their head when they get out of the shower! He will soon start agility training since he has endless amounts of energy and is faster than any other dog at the dog park.

He sleeps on the bed with me, Zeus, and my husband. He has to sleep under the covers and curled up next to my chest or stomach and between me and Zeus. It's a huge comfort for him. When I first adopted him, I had only thought I was saving a sweet, scared baby. Little did I know he would rescue me. Keeping up with him at first was a huge challenge. I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia and suffered with severe back pain and used a mobility scooter to get around for longer walks. He has pushed me to become healthier. Today, I very rarely use my scooter. I am able to walk (and even sometimes run) with very limited pain. He has completely changed my life. I now go out more and am more social with friends and family. Thank you for entrusting the Broward Humane Society for help with rescues.

I am more grateful than words could ever express for sending me the angel and miracle I had prayed for over 5 years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

From our Happy Endings email!

Good evening,

I want to share with you this happyending.  My daughter and I went to Puerto Rico to visit my Mother, my daughter's grandmother. While taking a walk one evening in the town of Culebra, in Puerto Rico, this small black dog comes out from under a car and comes up to my daughter and her aunt.  My daughter rushes to my sister's home and picks up some treats she had brought with her from New York in case she would come across a stray dog or two.  I came out with her to bring the dog some treats, this is one happy puppy from the get go and we played with her for a while and falling in love with her more and more. 

So my daughter mentions that if her fiancee would take one look at this dog that he would want her, no sooner had she said this when I told her to send her fiancee a pic of the dog. One look from seeing this dog on a video, that he told my daughter that he wanted her to bring the dog back to New York with her.   

Once we fed the puppy the phones calls and the arranging started taking shape, my daughter sent the video to her friend in Brooklyn, her friend fell in love with the dog and told her that she would start a Go Fund Me page.  Once we got home the phone calls to a vet took place. The Go fund me page was already receiving its first donations. We brought the puppy to my sister's house on the second day. We fed her right away, gave her a bath took her to the vet for shots, and was told that she was a Lab mix and is 5 months old, still had her baby milk tooth and lost one while at my sisters home and lost the other one while in New York.  

My daughter  made the reservation for the puppy to leave with her to New York that Saturday and in the midst of all this, my daughter's other friend was looking for adoptive parents and found them through her girlfriend. She found a young couple who had just purchased a home and was looking for a playmate for their dog and was in communication constantly with my daughter from New York to Puerto Rico through facebook. 

This whole thing could not have been planned better. God's hands was all over this one lucky beautiful puppy and the reason why I say this is because this puppy was house broken and walked beside my daughter on a new leash.  We think that she was just let loose in hopes that a good family and the puppy would cross paths "and heck if it didn't"!

My daughter has the most cutest videos of this puppy playing so happyly in my sister's home in Culebra.  

Needlesstosay, we had no idea that this Saveasato Organization existed,  this was the first we heard of this organization. This is one great humanitarian organization. God bless you.


Carmen Quirindongo

"Deana's" proud mom.......................

Brando from Trujillo Alto PR

Hi guys!

  Just wanted to send y'all another update on my little Brando from Trujillo Alto!

It's hard to believe and time has flown by, but we have had Brando for over a year now. Wow! We adopted him August 30, 2015.

Brando was sent to the Humane Society of Broward County ahead of Tropical Storm Erika. He came home with us to have a loving, peaceful home to retire in. Our vets estimated that he had about 6 months left at that time, but here we are!

Brando did come to us already with a grade 4 heart murmur. And his blood work at his annual vet appointment last month showed that he's also got kidney disease. But despite it all he is as spunky as ever! He gets special home made food, which he loves. We run circles in the driveway every morning before I go to work, and he runs and jumps and barks when the other dogs start barking. He's even still doing great as a foster brother to all of the foster kittens and dogs that I bring home :) 

   You can follow his adventures on Instagram at my account @instareagram with his hashtag #BusyWorldOfSeñorBrando

Oh, and we adopted a chicken, which he absolutely loves! I've attached a video of him running around the chicken pen.

Thanks for saving Brando and sending him to us. He is a blessing!