Sato Adds

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy ending for Manolo, now Rico !

Dear Friends, Thank you for Manolo, he is adjusting very quickly, and all family here in Cedar Falls, love Him.

AA deserves a big thank you for the discount cargo rate. Manolo . (Rico now) will have an easy and fun life. 

 Anita Dowell

My note card shows my 9 grandchild 15 years ago. our family dogs are pictured. 8 are rescuesd dogs - the blonde cocker is Ellen's from P.R. My note cards represent what are wonderful memories. Rico will be added for new cards. Carry on your good work.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chito, adopted on 2001 is celebrating his 14th birthday!!

 We love hearing about our satos and their families, and here is an email sent by Chito's family.

This is Chito, he was rescued off the streets of Aguadilla. He was one and a half years old when i adopted him in Feb. 2001 from Humane Society of Broward County. He's my world as much as I know, i am his.

Also...i remember he was rescued at around one year old then rehab at your shelter for six months so he was one and a half years when adopted him from Broward county humane society Florida. The first website had a black and white pic with Gloria holding him in one hand and caption read "on way to Broward county" he had a sister that was black and white. Chito says hi and thank you so much....he sends Gloria a big happy howl !

my little boy turned fourteen this month. Very strong dog. Still goes on long walks everyday and barks when he wants to play. The bond is incredible. Happy birthday Chito 14. 

 He talks. He loves to talk and go for walks everyday. Thank you all for my boy.  

Thank you for letting us know about Chito, and for giving him the opportunity to live a happy life!
Thanks for saving a sato! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A happy ending for Serena!

Serena, now Mija with her parents!

Here are some pictures of Serena, now known as Mija! We heard that Serena's family is so good, that she must feel like she hit a Million Dollar Jackpot!! Mija's new parents really adores her! We wish you a lot of happy years with Serena, and we thank you for Saving A Sato!
Serena, now Mija

Dear Tia Ivonne.

I think I have finally found my forever home here in Chicago! Mommy Judie & Daddy Tom say they love me and are constantly hugging me & petting me. I guess you could say that I am “the artist formerly known as Serena” as I even have a new name! Since I grew up in Puerto Rico, mom thought I should maintain a link to my heritage. And since I’m such a sweet little girl, I’m called Mija. Dad takes me for walks several times a day and I keep him company when he works in his garden or in the yard. I never leave his side. None of us even miss that old leg of mine! I do have a special harness/vest that gives me special support when we walk and someday, the “special orthopedic vet” says I may need a brace for my good leg. But for now I am busy building up the muscle in my other back leg and I plan to stay slim and trim so that will help.

I’m getting to know my other animal housemates. The 12 year old Chihuahua , “Oleander”, is getting used to my invitations to play. Sometimes I hold my big treat bone really still so she can chew on the other end with me. I know what their feeding bowls look like and I respectfully watch them eat their little kibbles after I’ve wolfed mine down. “Lacey”, the 5 year old mini-dachshund, also a rescue, is recovering from a leg dislocation so she is on 3 legs right now too. I know how she feels so sometimes I lie next to her and lick her back leg. I think she likes me. I love my new crate where the good bones are kept. Sometimes the other dogs think it’s their crate so I just lie outside the crate door and politely whine for them to leave so I can go in.

The cats, “Tony Orlando “and his sidekick, “Dawn” , have learned to leap onto the counters (used to be a forbidden strategy) when I charge them as I gallop down the hall on the wooden floors and slide into the furniture. Speaking of furniture, these gringos have it all wrong. Ay, Caramba! The floral pillows belong on the floor and the rest of the cushions should be on their side! If I keep rearranging them, maybe someday they’ll learn. I worry about mom getting overheated during the night so, about 2 am, I carefully take the corner of the blanket and slowly ease it off the bed.

I really look forward to my weekly obedience classes. They have good treats when I do what they say plus I get to pick out a squeaker toy or bone for a reward before we leave the store. People say I am so gentle and smart that someday I might be able to become a certified therapy dog. I think it would be great to be able to visit people in the hospital to show them that you don’t have to have all your parts to be fantastic! Mom and Dad say that someday we may be able to go to Puerto Rico to visit all my friends there. I hope it’s in the middle of February as I don’t know about this stuff they call snow! Until then,

Bow wow hugs and slobber kisses!!!

Serena, now Mija, at her new "Forever Home"