Sato Adds

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This last week we received the visit to the shelter of an old volunteer from Save A Sato, Tracey, this wonderful woman, helped Save A Sato, working on their webpage, an created this Facebook Group. During her visit, she went to the shelter and worked all day long, also, rescued a sato with her puppies, and scorted some satos to the U.S.A, thank you Tracey for your kindness!!

Tracey helped Gloria on the cleaning of our satos cages, this is a very hard work, almost a hundred cages has to be cleaned everyday, and refilled with newspaper, food and clean water, most of the times this is done by Gloria and 2 more volunteers, is a very exhausting job, we encourage all the Save A Sato followers to take a day and help us!! if you would like to help and volunteer write us at

We hope to receive another visit on the near future!! thank you Tracey for your work for Save A Sato, on anything related to the internet!! like the main page, this blog, facebook etc!!! its not easy!! :) but we keep doing it with love and effort!! thank you for everything you did, to make Save A Sato be recognized on the U.S.A!

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Happy Grandson!! Family Sosa letter to us!

YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! You have just made a little boy SOOOOO happy! Tell Gloria I am SO grateful! I wanted you to see my grandson's face when I told him that Save a Sato was going to help him get his dog. see attached picture. Gabby will now be loved beyond imagination. She even gets to come stay with nana everyday while her boy is in school! I am SO happy, SO appreciative and SO excited. My Grandson got his wish he is helping a sato just like nana and papa..  
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so happy!!! Thanks for Saving A Sato!!