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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A dream slowly coming true!!

During the past couples of years, The Shelter of Miracles from Save A Sato, has become the  main shelter of the foundation, receiving and helping more than 500 hundred dogs per year, and flying them to partner shelters outside the island, so these dogs can find their "forever home" in the States. This shelter survives only by the charity of the good people from the United States and Puerto Rico who take the time and will, to donate money and to send by mail, supplies for the care of the dogs.

During all this years the Shelter of Miracles has suffered the consequences of living under a tropical weather, the sun, the wind, the high humidity and sometimes the worst! Hurricanes! All the damages suffered during all this years has been fixed by "patching up" parts of the shelter with materials donated by the people or some companies that from time to time give a little something to the shelter to help.

All this years has been rough for the shelter, a decrease of donations has been occurring because of the bad economy around the world, also a big increase of homeless pets has been ocurring during the last couple of years in Puerto Rico. The goverment doesn't care about organizations like us on our island, although we have been erraditacating a big problem, they dont even take time to visit, recognize or help.

Thanks to different groups like Vision 68 of Puerto Rico and some anonymous volunteers that takes the time to get help and donations for the shelter like our friend "La Lola" ( our dream of renewing the shelter is becoming true!

The motivational group vision 68 has been working hard in getting donations for the shelter, and also getting construction materials, they started to renew our shelter last month, and they are planning to rebuild the entire shelter over the next year, because of this, the Save A Sato foundation, has been sending dogs to our partners shelters in the U.S.A every week, to protect them from the noises, dust and any harm that they could suffer while the shelter is being renewed. We have spent all our donation money on this flights! over $1,500 dollars weekly, although is difficult to feed 150 dogs everyday with a low income on donations, we are trying our best by selling shirts, stickers on our webpage and asking mayor companies of dog and cat food for donations, thank God they are helping us.

The satos are happy, new cages has been constructed with lots of space for them and even beds has been added, these beds has been donated over the years by the good people like you. A lot more has to be done, we hope to  keep receiving this helps, to keep working on the care of our dogs, and cats.

We still count with you and your good heart, if you wish to keep helping the Save A Sato foundation, you can donate by clicking on the Paypal box on the left of this blog, also by visiting our main page, in there you can donate via Paypal or buy for the satos in our Sato Shop, also you can send any kind of contribution either check, or dog and cats supplies by mail to The Save A Sato Foundation, P.O box 37694 San Juan, P.R 00937-0694

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A letter from the heart and a happy ending for Maria!

Maria, now Mama Mia June 2011

Dear Gloria:

Above is a picture of Maria who came from your shelter, her new name became Mama Mia when we adopted her on June 16, 2011 from Worcester MA Animal Rescue League. I found the letter in her packet that explained to us where she came from, and what her life in Puerto Rico was like prior to your wonderful shelter saving her.

I can’t imagine what would have become of Maria had your support team not found her and brought her here? Our family is truly blessed by her presence.

In February of this year we had to put our beloved pointer Lucky down due cancer, he was 11 years old, and was a pointer mix that we saved from a local shelter when he was just 10 weeks old. We loved Lucky and never thought we would ever find another pet so kind and gentle…..until now, Mia selected our son when he walked into the kennel that was keeping her. My son told me that when he entered all of the dogs were barking except Mia, Mia came to him wagging her tail and making my son know this was the dog for us.

I was pleasantly surprised when my husband sent me a picture of this beautiful dog, and it reminded me so much of our precious love…. What where the chances of us of finding another pointer mix when we went looking? We believe in our hearts God had something to do with this miracle, and now knowing she came from the Miracle Shelter, well that’s just makes her more special.

She found out how to swim pretty quickly the other day, when she decided to jump off the boat! We of course jumped in to save her not really knowing if she would sink or swim. It was pretty funny thankfully she swam! She has a lot of new toys, a wonderful bed to sleep and she is learning new tricks daily. She’s very smart, we are training her to tell us with bells when she wants to go out, she’s almost house broken already, but still has a few accidents, and I’ve seen her wag her tail a few times while dreaming… We are hoping Mia loves her new home, and new family.

Although she has only spent a few days with her, we already feel she is a huge part of our family. We promise to love, and care for her all of her life. We can’t be more than happy with how she adapted to our humble home.

Please let everyone know who cared for Maria that she is in a loving home and we will raise her to be the best dog we can. She will want for nothing, and we will spoil her each and every second she is awake.

We have a history saving pets, one at a time, and we will do our best to keep Mia happy and healthy all the days of her life.

Please know we appreciate all you and your staff do for animals like Mia… God bless each and every one of you.

Thank you and God Bless

The Monahans

Linda, Stephen & Ryan Monahan

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A happy ending for Maia!!

Maia in her halloween costume, 2nd place winner!

This was an email sent to one of the volunteers of Save A Sato "La Lola" from Nancy Leray, a proud mom of a Puertorican Sato!

Hi Lola, it's been very exciting to watch the shelter changes taking place on facebook! How I wish we could be there to help out!! Here is a picture of Maia dressed up for Halloween. I'm not big into dressing her up, but the
winners got gift certificates to the pet store so we gave it a try. She won 2nd place and we won $25!! Of course we are using the money to buy her new toys and treats! She is a very sweet, happy dog and we love her so much!

Hope all is well with you. Please say hello to everyone from us and give Gloria a big hug!

Thank you Nancy for writing us! we love to receive this kind of emails!! If anyone out there would like to share stories about your Sato, from Save A Sato, Puerto Rico, or any other organization, please write us to or

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dale click y esteriliza tu mascota! Castraton de PetSos

Caty Morales, Vicepresidenta PetSos y las mascotas de la Dra Moya

Nuestros amigos de PetSos invitan a todo Puerto Rico, que lean esta informacion, se orienten y aprovechen esta unica oportunidad de esterilizar a sus mascotas a bajo costo, dale click a este enlace (a la foto de PetSos) y visita la pagina de PetSos donde encontraras un listado de veterinarios que estaran ofreciendo estos servicios desde hoy 1ro de noviembre del 2011 hasta el 10 de noviembre.  Esteriliza tu mascota, es tiempo ya que tomemos accion por controlar la sobrepoblacion de animales en Puerto Rico.