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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A dream slowly coming true!!

During the past couples of years, The Shelter of Miracles from Save A Sato, has become the  main shelter of the foundation, receiving and helping more than 500 hundred dogs per year, and flying them to partner shelters outside the island, so these dogs can find their "forever home" in the States. This shelter survives only by the charity of the good people from the United States and Puerto Rico who take the time and will, to donate money and to send by mail, supplies for the care of the dogs.

During all this years the Shelter of Miracles has suffered the consequences of living under a tropical weather, the sun, the wind, the high humidity and sometimes the worst! Hurricanes! All the damages suffered during all this years has been fixed by "patching up" parts of the shelter with materials donated by the people or some companies that from time to time give a little something to the shelter to help.

All this years has been rough for the shelter, a decrease of donations has been occurring because of the bad economy around the world, also a big increase of homeless pets has been ocurring during the last couple of years in Puerto Rico. The goverment doesn't care about organizations like us on our island, although we have been erraditacating a big problem, they dont even take time to visit, recognize or help.

Thanks to different groups like Vision 68 of Puerto Rico and some anonymous volunteers that takes the time to get help and donations for the shelter like our friend "La Lola" ( our dream of renewing the shelter is becoming true!

The motivational group vision 68 has been working hard in getting donations for the shelter, and also getting construction materials, they started to renew our shelter last month, and they are planning to rebuild the entire shelter over the next year, because of this, the Save A Sato foundation, has been sending dogs to our partners shelters in the U.S.A every week, to protect them from the noises, dust and any harm that they could suffer while the shelter is being renewed. We have spent all our donation money on this flights! over $1,500 dollars weekly, although is difficult to feed 150 dogs everyday with a low income on donations, we are trying our best by selling shirts, stickers on our webpage and asking mayor companies of dog and cat food for donations, thank God they are helping us.

The satos are happy, new cages has been constructed with lots of space for them and even beds has been added, these beds has been donated over the years by the good people like you. A lot more has to be done, we hope to  keep receiving this helps, to keep working on the care of our dogs, and cats.

We still count with you and your good heart, if you wish to keep helping the Save A Sato foundation, you can donate by clicking on the Paypal box on the left of this blog, also by visiting our main page, in there you can donate via Paypal or buy for the satos in our Sato Shop, also you can send any kind of contribution either check, or dog and cats supplies by mail to The Save A Sato Foundation, P.O box 37694 San Juan, P.R 00937-0694

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