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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Enzo the sato challenges you to guess his breed!

Our friend Enzo the Sato, recently had a visit to the the vet, and wanted to know a little bit about his past! he took a DNA test, but the vet is a little bit busy this week, so he is taking a little bit too long with the results! Enzo is so anxious to know about his sato past, that he is challenging you to guess his breed, and at the same time donate $5 to his brothers and sisters at Save A Sato, if you guess his breed, Enzo will personally send you a little appreciation gift to you! Visit  to get more details about this wonderful gesture to help Save A Sato, from Enzo and the Pina family!

Enzo the Sato


  1. sharpei/shepherd X

  2. Visit
    and write your guess!

  3. Sharpei-Belgian Malinou (or however you write it)