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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Girl and her sata, Nivea's happy ending! A rescue from S.A.S

  Hi all at Save a Sato.
This is Nivea and my daughter on Christmas night.  I think Santa was too much for both of them.

 This picture was taken Christmas night, 2011 (Niveas first Christmas). I think Santa was too much for both of them. Nivea was adopted from the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA in August of 2011.   She is the best dog we could have ever imagined to have.  She is so loving.  She loves each of her family members equally.  There are no favorites.  She loves to go on long walks along the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee in the warmer months.  She is just getting used to the cold weather here in the northeast.   She has only seen snow once and had noidea what it was.   She ended up eating it.  

Nivea is very proud of her toys especially her bone.  She shows it to everyone that comes in the house and is always willing to share.  Thank you and all of the wonderful people at Save a Sato for saving Nivea so now we can love and enjoy her for the rest of her life.


Monday, January 9, 2012



  If you happen to have any gently used dog collars or leashes, please
  consider donating them to the "New Leash on Life - Save a Sato Dog Collar &
  Leash Drive!" These donated collars and leashes will be used on dogs living
  at Save a Sato as they await their forever home! Don't have any old
  leashes or collars - buy some new ones! Go to your local pet supply store
  and rummage through the clearance or sale bins and buy new ones!! If
  you're an online shopper you can buy sale and clearance
  collars/leashes and have them sent directly to us - address below.
  Don't forget you can also check out second-hand and thrift stores!

  A collar and leash is imperative when they get taken on walks by the
  volunteers - often times the collar and leash is removed from one dog to be
  used on the next. There is always a shortage!

  Consider this one of the first steps on their "New Leash on Life."

  Collars: All sizes, all colors, buckle or snap, please make sure they
  aren't broken - it would be tragic to lose a sato on a walk.
  Leashes: all sizes, all colors - make sure the clasp works and isn't
  broken. Please, no leashes that have been chewed or ripped.

Mail leashes directly to Save a Sato at: Save a Sato Foundation
c/o Save A Sato
P.O box 37694
San Juan P.R

 or mail them to Yvette Pina
 Enzo the Sato's mom), she will deliver them when she visits Save a Sato
  in May 2012:
Yvette Pina
PO BOX 0737
 Chicago, IL 60690
If you are in the Chicago area, send an email and we can arrange a drop-off, Visit for direct email info