Sato Adds

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Happy ending for Saba and Ogre!!

From our sato mail!

I adopted Saba from the Northeast Animal Shelter outside of Boston through your program five years ago and have been doating on her ever since. We lived in Colorado for four years where we hiked all over the Rocky Mountains and moved to Bend, Oregon in April this year. In May, my boyfriend and I adopted a second sato through your program, named Obama who we renamed Ogre.
The two of them absolutely adore each other and have become very close.
 We spent weekends this summer backpacking through the Cascades and running on all the trails in the area, it's been so wonderful. Ogre has grown into his own and has become a huge cuddler and generally sleeps between on in the pillows with Saba wrapped up around our legs - we actually had to purchase a bigger bed this summer because we couldn't all fit! I've stayed in contact with Vivian and Jessica through facebook, but I would love to have the opportunity to reach out to Nilsa Ramos and let her know how Saba is doing and that she now has a little brother if possible. If you could connect us that would be amazing. I've attached the paperwork with a photo in case that helps in addition to several photos of the dogs enjoying the woods.

Thank you for the opportunity to adopt two amazing dogs - we adore them.