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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Smucker Has A Sister! Read and share this wonderful story of one of our sato rescues!

Smuckers has a sister

We wanted to share with you some happy news. Smuckers has a little sister. Meet Marley.


Little background: we adopted Smuckers two years ago from W.A.R.L. in Worcester, MA. My husband and I were just newlyweds and had taken on the challenge of having our very first home built. Only to realize our love alone didn’t completely fill the house. So we decided to expand our intimate family of two. The two of us were not just looking for any dog. We were both looking for a companion. Falling in love with his photograph, we reached out to W.A.R.L in Worcester, MA with regards to a then six month old puppy named Coty. Initially we were going just for a meet and greet, but we just knew we would be coming home with a bundle of joy. After a meet and greet of two hours, the three of us formed a special bond and knew this puppy was meant for us. We signed on the dotted line and became proud parents of Coty, now named Smuckers.  

December of 2012, my husband and I took a trip to Puerto Rico. This was an exciting trip for the two of us. This was my husband’s very first trip to the island. I was extremely excited as my husband would be meeting the rest of my family, get a little taste of my culture, and visit the neighborhood that I grew up in, but most importantly we were going to meet Gloria for the very first time. Due to some delays in Boston, MA we arrived a day late. Upon our arrival (Christmas Eve) we immediately reached out to Gloria and informed her she would be our very first visit on the island. We got a little lost getting to the shelter, but on arrival we were greeted with open arms and warmest smile from Gloria. After we exchanged some gifts and donations we brought with us for the shelter, we were overjoyed when Gloria extended an invitation to us to spend and experience a day at Save A Sato. The experience was incredibly rewarding and it will never be forgotten. As our day came to a close, I couldn’t help to leave in tears. Gloria stopped me at the gate and said “Don’t leave sad. This is a happy moment. My angels are safe. With time they will find their forever homes. In the meantime I will love and care for each of them. I will make sure they will not go hungry or sick. The two of you have given Save A Sato the biggest gift you can give. You saved Smuckers’ life. Give Smuckers the biggest hug and kiss from Mama Gloria.”  With those parting words from Gloria my husband and I knew we wanted to give back in a very different way. We wanted to become parents to another SATO.

After two months of looking for the perfect SATO companion for our little guy, Marley found us (formerly known as Tara). We were introduced to this sweet and painfully shy six month old little girl at Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA. She had traveled up from Puerto Rico with one of her brothers. After spending some time with Marley, we noticed she was a little different from Smuckers. She was painfully shy and buried her head on our laps. But, when Marley met Smuckers she perked up and the two were meant to be brother and sister. We again signed on the dotted line and became proud parents of another SATO.

Bringing her home was a bit of a challenge. She spent the first few days hiding under furniture, running away from us and having to be hand fed. She was only showing interest towards Smuckers. Wherever he went she was sure to follow. We’ve only had Marley for about two months. During this time Marley has taught us that she wasn’t just looking for any forever home, she was looking for a forever home with a four-legged companion that can understand her.  Smuckers has truly become her security blanket. With Smuckers’ help Marley has warmed up to her human parents, walks lovely on a leash, knows that bath time is always fun with a rubber ducky, brushing her teeth is a delicious treat, Doggie Day Care is fun, understands the command to sit and is learning stay and paw and has a sophisticated taste palate of fish, fruits and vegetables. Marley is still skittish around other humans, big dogs and car rides. We are hoping with Smuckers’ help and with time she will officially come out of her shell and let others see how sweet and lovely she is.

These two little SATOS travelled a long way to find their forever home. With the generous help of miracle worker Mama Gloria and Mama Esther, their wish came true.

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Visitanos hoy en el PetSOS food drive en Kmart Plaza las Americas! nos informa:

La 4ta edición del Pet SOS Food Drive se llevará a cabo el sábado, 4 de mayo en el estacionamiento de Kmart detrás de Plaza Las Américas de 11am a 5pm, con la participación de la madrina de Pet SOS, Roselyn Sánchez y otras personalidades.  Este año la meta es llegar a 30,000 libras de alimento para perros y gatos que serán donados a los más de quince santuarios privados de toda la Isla. Los voluntarios estarán recogiendo las aportaciones de comida, artículos de mascotas y dinero, sin que las personas se tengan que bajar de sus carros.
El evento se celebra dentro de la semana del Pets & Camps de Plaza Las Américas, que se llevará a cabo del 29 de abril al 5 de mayo.
“En Puerto Rico hay una sobrepoblación de más de cien mil animales realengos en las calles y la ciudadanía debe cooperar con los santuarios y albergues de mascotas privados que no reciben ayuda de nadie. Es nuestra responsabilidad como amantes de animales y como ciudadanos ayudar a alimentar a estas criaturas inocentes.” dijo Lizette Díaz, presidenta de la Fundación Pet SOS.
“Hago un llamado al corazón de mis compatriotas puertorriqueños, que sé es uno bien grande y compasivo, para que se den cita durante ese día en Plaza Las Américas para que podamos llegar a la meta de 30,000 libras de comida y poder colaborar con los santuarios, alimentando a los perros y gatos que albergan.  Espero poder saludarles y agradecerles a todos allí,” añadió Roselyn Sánchez.
“Invitamos al público que se dé cita en Pets & Camps a que realice su donación para los animales más necesitados.  Además de ayudar a PET SOS, los visitantes podrán obtener información en Pets & Camps sobre el cuido de las mascotas, campamentos de verano para niños y disfrutar de charlas y talleres en tarima”, indicó Sarah Colomer, directora de Ferias y Exhibiciones de Plaza Las Américas.
El primer año que se llevó a cabo el Pet SOS Food Drive se recaudaron 7,000 libras de alimento, el segundo año se recaudaron 20,000 y este año son más los necesitados.
Pet SOS es una fundación sin fines de lucro cuya misión es ayudar a disminuir la sobrepoblación de mascotas en la Isla, recaudar fondos para ayudar a los santuarios de animales privados y públicos; y genuinamente despertar conciencia sobre el buen trato a los animales.  Para más información visita o escríbenos en Facebook, Pet SOS.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Happy ending for The Gremlins!!

Here is an email, sent to us by a proud mom of 3 cats from Save A Sato, she thanks Save A Sato, Penelope and Gloria Marti, for the rescue of these cats, that she calls them with love, The Gremlims, because they are very active and happy, when these cats were rescued, they had a little chance to survive at all, but with the loving care of Gloria and this family, they survived and now they enjoy a new life in a permanent home!! Thank you for sharing with us!! we hope to continue saving lives and homeless animals around PR! and to find families that take care of them, after our work of rehabilitation its done!!

Gracias mil, Pe por este envio. Son la viva imagen de la felicidad !! Que alegria me ha dado ver a los Gremlins, asi yo le llamaba a los tres hermanitos. Ellos fueron un verdadero milagro, recuerdo que cuando Alberto los llevo recien nacidos parecian tres ratoncitos con pocas oportunidades de sobrevivir...Gloria le puso hasta suero. Fue un gesto muy noble el de tu amiga, recuerdo que fue por uno para acompañar al negrito y se llevo los tres. Tengo esa foto de ella cargando con los tres. Dale un abrazo de mi parte y otro para ti *:) happy