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Friday, November 28, 2014

Update on Agustin! 11/28/2014

 An email sent to us recently

Gus our new pup. They did have to amputate his leg.  Not only was it completely separated at the knee, the bone was broken and infected from bebe pellets.  Once the bone is infected there's not much they can do.  Then they found his right hip is dislocated.  So another procedure to go through! Poor guy. But notice the tail never stops wagging!!

For those who don't know, he was found in the streets of Puerto Rico by a rescue group, where he'd been abused and shot with bebes.  I felt he deserved an awesome home and I know that's exactly what we'll give him!! He was flown to the U.S. last week and is with a rescue group just outside of Philadelphia until he's well enough to come to Clarence.

Agustin fue operado en los Estados Unidos, lamentablemente perdio su pata, encrontraron bolines, en sus huesos, o sea que mientras estaba en las calles de nuestro pais, alguien le disparo con una pistola de pelletes lo que causa que sus huesos se infectaran, tambien su cadera esta dislocada, y por esto pasara por otro proceso. Aunque perdio su patita su nuevo amo, nos indiga que se ve bien y moviendo su rabito.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Update on Chloe adopted on 2008

From our sato mail!
Laurie and I wanted to update you on the voyages of Chloe, our adorable Sato who we adopted from the Northeast Animal Shelter, MA six years ago. After enriching our lives in suburban New York she has recently embarked on a new adventure as we have all moved to Hong Kong for several years. After a bit of jetlag she now loves accompanying us on long hikes across the many beautiful trails here and in The New Territories. She has also learned to swim and she is slowly learning to speak to all the Chinese dogs she plays with on the beach.
Peter Ling


Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Happy ending for Valentine! (now Eli)

From our sato mail!

Dear Save a Sato,
I adopted Eli (formerly know as Valentine) 6 months ago at the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA. It was the day before Mother's Day. And Eli recently had his first birthday. I can't remember a time without him!
Eli is the best dog! He is such a love! (Maybe that's why you named him Valentine!) He is so excited when I get home every day. It makes me feel so good.
Eli spent a lot of time at Humarock Beach this past Summer. We are blessed to have a beach house there. He loves to run on the beach with his dog sister, Sara. And Eli learned how to swim at the end of the Summer, once the water warmed up.
Another favorite activity is the long walks we take in the woods nearby our home. We are looking forward to taking him on backpacking trips in New Hampshire.

Carol Anne

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Happy ending for Saba and Ogre!!

From our sato mail!

I adopted Saba from the Northeast Animal Shelter outside of Boston through your program five years ago and have been doating on her ever since. We lived in Colorado for four years where we hiked all over the Rocky Mountains and moved to Bend, Oregon in April this year. In May, my boyfriend and I adopted a second sato through your program, named Obama who we renamed Ogre.
The two of them absolutely adore each other and have become very close.
 We spent weekends this summer backpacking through the Cascades and running on all the trails in the area, it's been so wonderful. Ogre has grown into his own and has become a huge cuddler and generally sleeps between on in the pillows with Saba wrapped up around our legs - we actually had to purchase a bigger bed this summer because we couldn't all fit! I've stayed in contact with Vivian and Jessica through facebook, but I would love to have the opportunity to reach out to Nilsa Ramos and let her know how Saba is doing and that she now has a little brother if possible. If you could connect us that would be amazing. I've attached the paperwork with a photo in case that helps in addition to several photos of the dogs enjoying the woods.

Thank you for the opportunity to adopt two amazing dogs - we adore them.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ivy....napping at her new home!!!

Looks like Ivy is getting comfortable at her new forever home!! Gloria and the Save A Sato volunteers are happy to see her like that! she spent a long time at the shelter! its not easy for big dogs like her to get adopted! we are really thankful for this family that gave her this once in a lifetime for a sato chance!!

" I know she is dreaming about me, as i dream about her every night"
Gloria Marti

Blanche, has been adopted!!

My name is Alicia and I have been fostering Blanche here in the states. I just wanted to give you an update on her. She is a fabulous dog. She's happy and healthy. She's taking a trip to the vet today to get a check up and her microchip inserted. She had been adopted!!! Blanche will travel to Virginia in a couple of weeks to meet her forever family. I am copying Sue, her new mom, on this email as well. Thank you and your rescue for all that you do. It has been an amazing experience to be able to help an international dog. Please let me know if you have any questions about her!


Hi Alicia

Thank you for such a wonderful update. We are overjoyed for Blanche! She was very loved in PR and her departure was definitely bitter sweet for everyone. This is what we were waiting for! Woohoo!

Thanks for taking care such good care of her Alicia and thank you Sue for making her part of your family. She is truly a wonderful dog! Please keep us updated. We love to see how our Satos are doing. 

Blanche was adopted! We are so happy for her and her new family. Everyone as SAS is doing a happy dance.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Lupe's Happy ending!

Beautiful Lupe!
A few months back, we were lucky enough to adopt a little black Chihuahua mix named “CHI CHI” from island Puppy Rescue here in NJ. The dog had originally come from Save a Sato, I believe she was found by police wandering the streets. We have since renamed her Guadeloupe, but we nicknamed her “Lupe”.

I wanted to thank you for helping this amazing little dog, she has added an immense amount of happiness to our household, and our other Chihuahua mixes, DIEGO, SANCHEZ and CARMELITA.
If I sent you some pics, could you put them on your happy endings website page?? She deserves her 15 minutes of fame.
Thank you.

Diego, Sanchez,and Carmelita with OB
Thank You for sharing!! Lupe looks happy with her new friends!! we are so happy that now she have friends to play and a loving family that will take good care of her!!
Sanchez and Lupe napping!

Traveling with a sato is so much fun!!

Our satos are loyal, intelligent, and have the best behavior on the dog community!! This is a short comment from one volunteer that spent some time traveling with a couple of our satos, we just want to share this with you Save A Sato fan , and also we would like to hear, how your dog behave when he is out of the house!! Funny or embarrassing stories are accepted!!

"The puppies were perfect little travelers. They were very calm and quiet on the
airplane (and I think sleepy!) It was so much fun watching them play together in
the fenced in grassy area at the shelter. Great to see how happy these
pups are".


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A happy ending for Tommy!!!

You see!! the satos are the best dogs in the world!!! Thank you for sharing with us! we are happy to see Tommy having so much fun and living the dream of every sato! to find a forever home!!

Thank You note from the satos!

Save a Sato sends a BIG hug and muchos thanks to Marty Charns with Pilots n’ Paws.  Thank you, thank you!!!!

Here is the story of Elsie, Azul, Lucy and Luis. They were accepted at the Humane Society in VT but AA cargo does not travel there Sidnia Delgado (Partner Shelter Coordinator)  reached out to Pilots n Paws for help. Marty stepped up to the challenge. He picked them up in Boston and kept them for the night so that he could fly them to Vermont first thing in the morning. Two pups stayed with him and two others with a friend. Next morning they arrived in Vt safe and sound. 

Marty really went above and beyond to help with our Satos.    

Marty with Azul

Monday, May 26, 2014

Boston Area sato reunion *pictures*

Last wekeend, a group of sato parents from Boston, took the time to reunite back some satos from Puerto Rico and Save A Sato foundation, they raised money for the shelter and had a wonderful time sharing stories and moments of their sato dogs! We would like to thanks all the parents, for taking care and loving our satos so much! Also Sonia and Mariana, thank you for thinking about our satos on the island and help us with the money donation, our sato really need it!

Here are some pictures of the event!

Don quijote
Thank you for helping the satos

Duke!! looking great after all this years!

Marley and Smuckers

Ivy on her way to be adopted!

Meet Ivy, Gloria pick her up from the streets, she used to live on the parking lot behind a supermarket, surviving eating from the trash cans, while she was pregnant, her companion dog, probably the father of her puppies was killed by a car, near the parking lot where the use to live. 

Ivy has been with Save A Sato for a whole year now, when she arrived to the shelter, she came with some company.....11 puppies!!

After all this time Ivy and her puppies, has been under the special care of Gloria and the volunteers of Save A Sato, all of her puppies has already been adopted!

Last week, Ivy was spayed, we would like to take this opportunity to thanks Dr Mongil, for this! As you can see, it wasnt an easy task! Ivy is one of our biggest sato right now at the shelter!

Ivy is now at the shelter, recovering from her operation, and getting ready to travel soon to her new "forever home" in the United States! All this is done, thanks to your donations and wonderful people like Dr Mongil, dedicated vets like him, makes the impossible, possible for our satos!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Escuela William D. Boyce, ayudando a nuestros satos!

Los jóvenes de sexto grado de la Escuela William D. Boyce, Clase de la Sra. Blas,  localizada en la
Urb. Las Lomas,  llevaron a cabo un evento comunitario llamado “No al Maltrato de Animales” .   Ellos  recogieron donaciones monetarias, comida de perros y gatos, detergente, platos, en fin muchísimas cosas.  Save a Sato  y los satitos (perros y gatos) le están sumamente agradecidos.
Este es el 2do año que la clase de la Sra. Blas auspicia un evento a favor  de Save a Sato…..

Gloria Marti, Directora de la Fundacion Save a Sato le extiende las más efusivas GRACIAS!!!

Aqui unas fotos del evento:

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Angela is on her way to her Forever Home!

Angela is on her way to a new forever home! Thanks to Delaware Valley Golden Rescue!
Check out this short video of some moments of Angela at the shelter with Gloria and volunteers!! After a long year on rehab, this lovely golden survived a long recovery and a couple of operations. She had both legs broken when found on the streets.

We can't thanks enough all the help that we received on donations to make this rehab possible, please share our post, visit our page, a keep spreading the word about us! we want to keep helping the dogs of Puerto Rico everyday!

Friday, February 7, 2014

A call for help from Save A Sato

 This is Ricardo, he was rescued this morning by Gloria's son and named after him. He was dying of hunger and dehydration on a parking lot near a store. 
As soon as Gloria arrived to the area, she built a shelter with cardboard  boxes and a umbrella so he can have a little rest from the burning sun and drink some water before taking him to the shelter. 
After he arrived to the shelter, he was fed, but later, he threw out all the food he ate and worms came out of his stomach. 

He is very skinny and sick, he looks like he has been beaten and mistreated during the time he has been on the streets,  we are trying to do everything on our hands to save his life, he will be tested during the day to see if his heart is free of heart-worms, and also taken to the vet. We need your help, only with your donations we can help Ricardo with his treatment, visit our main page if you wish to help by Paypal.
(Gloria is telling Ricardo, not to worry, his life will change for good now at Save A Sato)