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Friday, June 27, 2014

Traveling with a sato is so much fun!!

Our satos are loyal, intelligent, and have the best behavior on the dog community!! This is a short comment from one volunteer that spent some time traveling with a couple of our satos, we just want to share this with you Save A Sato fan , and also we would like to hear, how your dog behave when he is out of the house!! Funny or embarrassing stories are accepted!!

"The puppies were perfect little travelers. They were very calm and quiet on the
airplane (and I think sleepy!) It was so much fun watching them play together in
the fenced in grassy area at the shelter. Great to see how happy these
pups are".


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  1. Consider taking your next vacation to Puerto Rico and spend part of it volunteering at Save a Sato. I am a teacher who has taken students to do this the past two years and it was a very positive-- and eye opening!-- experience for all. These out-of-the-classroom experiences can be life changing for kids and I come back feeling like I have helped make a difference in their lives and for the satos. If you might consider doing this, check out a neat little inn called Coquí del Mar in Isla Verde (see their great rating on TripAdvisor). They are only a block from the beach, they give Save a Sato volunteers a 15% discount off their already low rates, and best of all, they are big supporters of Save a Sato!