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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sasha needs your help....


   Sasha is a special girl who was not always a Sato. After the death of her owner she was abandoned on the streets by the owner’s family. Luckily she was brought to our shelter, where her loving and gentle nature has earned her a spot in the hearts of our volunteers. However, as much as we love her, she really needs a home to call her own. Sasha is a special needs dog: she is an older dog, about 8 years old, and is mostly blind. She also has a heart murmur, which means that she will need to take medication for the rest of her life and that she may not live as long as other dogs. However we feel that the years that she has left should be spent with a family that will give her all of the love that she deserves. Some of her happiest moments in the shelter are rolling around in the shredded newspaper that we put in her kennel for bedding. 

She also loves being held by our volunteers; when you hold her you can feel her "hug" back. Sasha still has a lot of love to give. A quiet home with a closed in yard would be ideal for her to spend her remaining years. Every dog deserves their forever home, and we hope to find one for Sasha!

Please spread the word about Sasha and help us find her a home. Her story is also a reminder to us that part of loving a pet is planning a safe home for them should something happen to you. Otherwise, you don't know what will become of the pet you loved. For more information on Sasha please write to

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ayudalo a regresar a su casa / Help him get back to his home

Sara and Tony found this dog in the Bo Turabo Arriba en Caguas, call to the phone number provided if you know where this dog lives, help him get back to his home!

Saludos, este perrito apareció hoy en mi casa, Bo. Turabo Arriba en Caguas, estuve buscando en clasificadosonline la sección de perritos perdidos pero no encontré información de el.  Si no aparece su dueño lamentablemente lo llevaremos al refugio en Humacao, ya que no podemos quedarnos con el porque tenemos 5 perros. En la condición que se encuentra aparenta estar muchos días perdido porque tiene nudos y cuando lo tocamos sentimos sus huesitos, tiene collar y una sogita como partida.  Es un perrito tranquilo, bien bueno.

Nos pueden contactar al (787)396.5890 o (787)396.5894

Sara & Tony