Sato Adds

Friday, August 31, 2012

Thanks to Cesar Millan Foundation for Saving the Satos!

Save A Sato has been honored with $5k grant Award by the Cesar Millan Foundation, to keep helping the satos of Puerto Rico!! We feel so honored for this great gift of love! Many many satos will be helped!! Special thanks also to Juan Agustin Marquez from the documentary 100,000 for helping the satos of Puerto Rico and also showing to the world what we do everyday to help the strays of Puerto Rico. We want to share a picture of Cesar's Foundation Facebook Page, of the announcement, we feel so proud!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Happy ending for Tessie

Here is one of Tessie in the car: she knows now that riding in the car usually leads to some fun stuff like walks with the family, meeting with other families with dogs, etc., and she jumps in the car all by herself... :)

Tessie another happy sato, rescued from the street and now living in her forever home! Wouldn't you love to make a sato happy forever?

Visit us at, read a little about what we do, and how you can adopt, one of the best breeds on the world! The Puertorrican Sato!