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Friday, August 31, 2012

Thanks to Cesar Millan Foundation for Saving the Satos!

Save A Sato has been honored with $5k grant Award by the Cesar Millan Foundation, to keep helping the satos of Puerto Rico!! We feel so honored for this great gift of love! Many many satos will be helped!! Special thanks also to Juan Agustin Marquez from the documentary 100,000 for helping the satos of Puerto Rico and also showing to the world what we do everyday to help the strays of Puerto Rico. We want to share a picture of Cesar's Foundation Facebook Page, of the announcement, we feel so proud!!

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  1. This is great news to hear, as Save-A-Sato is an organization very dear to my heart. Nearly ten years ago we adopted Phoebe, our cocker spaniel, from Save-A-Sato. She has been the perfect pet for our family. Even my husband who wasn't thrilled about the idea of getting a dog fell head over heels in love with her. Please don't support puppy mills by buying a puppy from a pet store; there are wonderful satos desperately in need of good homes who are just waiting to love you to pieces!