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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dixie and Scooter celebrating halloween in an original way!!

This is Dixie (my rescue from Puerto Rico) dressed as a bag of science diet and her sister Scooter (Ohio rescue) dressed as her treats. Have a safe and happy HOWL-O-WEEN!
Thanks for sharing this is so funny !!! S.A.S


Agustin, now Augie, a rescue from Save A Sato, found a "forever home" read the story!

Augie was dropped off in traffic on a busy highway in Puerto Rico. A volunteer from Save A Sato rescued him from certain death.  MABHR agreed to take Augie in after Save A Sato reached out
for help. There is no doubt in my mind that Augie had an angel looking after him. That angel has brought Augie to our family. But that angel had a lot of help from good people here on Earth. As I have told Richard, it seems like there is more at work here than just chance. Augie's story is one for the ages, and the best part is that there is a whole new chapter about to be written!.....
This is an email sent to our friends at, Mid Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue
> Richard,
> Suzanne, Michelle -
> Greetings! Today
> marked the one week anniversary for Augie at our home in New
> Tripoli!

> It has been a
> very exciting and busy week for all of us here!

> Augie arrived
> home with us last Saturday afternoon. We gave him all the
> time he needed to sniff around inside and outside and become
> familiar with his new home.
> By the following
> morning, he was much more active and actually gave us a few
> barks! Since then, he has become more and more comfortable,
> and his transition to his "forever home" has been
> seamless. Augie has been exploring
> inside and outside all week - he is young and curious!
> Augie has a fascination with doors. If there is a closed
> door, he will sit and stare at it - he wants to know what is
> behind it! If he cannot open it, he barks until he gets a
> chance to explore some more!

> We bought Augie
> two large doggie pillows, one for upstairs, one for
> downstairs. We also got him a new leash and collar. To be
> safe, we also bought a harness that fits him properly. If he
> is out front, he is always
> in the harness so that he is not pulling on his collar and
> choking himself. The harness is a 'mesh fit', which
> is comfortable for Augie and also very safe. This harness is
> great for walks!

> I registered
> Augie with Lehigh County by getting a dog license. I also
> have him scheduled next week for an exam at our vet, Country
> Doctor. Augie is current with all his shots, but I want to
> get him "on the books"
> at our vet and set up a schedule for heartworm medication
> and annual visits to ensure that Augie has all his shots
> when they are due.


 I have attached a word document with several pictures of
> Augie in our home over the last week. These are pics of
> Augie on his new doggie pillows, Augie barking in the back
> yard, and Augie sleeping on my bed (yes,
> I am spoiling him rotten!). Please feel free to share this
> email and pictures with Save A Sato in Puerto Rico. Augie is
> a miracle, and the hard work and dedication of the
> volunteers at this rescue were the first step in making this
> miracle happen. I think
> that the people there would love to know that Augie is
> doing just fine, and that he has found a loving
> home.

As for my new
> friends at Mid Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue, I can only say
> this - THANK YOU.
> Richard, you
> have been incredible from the beginning. MABHR is lucky to
> have such a caring and devoted man working for them.
> Suzanne, Michelle - I never had the honor of meeting you,
> but I want to take a moment and
> thank you for what you are doing. I am sure that there are
> days when all three of you wonder if all your hard work is
> making a difference. Today, I can tell you that your
> hard work DOES matter.