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Friday, December 27, 2013

From our sato inbox!

This is my sato "Dixie" from the mean streets of p rico that i jabber about so much. I have been wanting to show her to you and just figured out how to attach a pic. Lol I'm a bit techno challenged! Anyway, this is the one who stole my heart. I can not express enough to people what wonderful dogs these satos are. They are just different. They are intelligent and faithful. I think they are also grateful for getting a chance at a good home. They seem to make the most of what they get and return their love double to you. They are so unique it makes them hard to describe, but I can certainly say without a doubt...a sato will be the best dog you will ever have as a family member. She certainly fills my heart daily with happiness. Its almost like she tries to do things that make me laugh. So my point is to all the people thinking about adopting these satos don't doubt them, just adopt them! You will never regret it. They are a one of a kind breed.

Roberta Gordon

Monday, December 9, 2013

Nivea!! Update!

Here is a picture of my daughter and Nivea.  We used the picture for our Christmas Cards this year.   She is THE BEST DOG EVER !!!!  You may post the picture on your website if you’d like.   Nivea came from the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Massachusetts.  We have had her for about two and ½ years.   She has made our lives so happy.     She loves to play in the snow,  go for long walks and stroll  around the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee with my husband, but most of all she loves us and  her treats.  She gets lots of treats and lots of love. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dixie and Scooter celebrating halloween in an original way!!

This is Dixie (my rescue from Puerto Rico) dressed as a bag of science diet and her sister Scooter (Ohio rescue) dressed as her treats. Have a safe and happy HOWL-O-WEEN!
Thanks for sharing this is so funny !!! S.A.S


Agustin, now Augie, a rescue from Save A Sato, found a "forever home" read the story!

Augie was dropped off in traffic on a busy highway in Puerto Rico. A volunteer from Save A Sato rescued him from certain death.  MABHR agreed to take Augie in after Save A Sato reached out
for help. There is no doubt in my mind that Augie had an angel looking after him. That angel has brought Augie to our family. But that angel had a lot of help from good people here on Earth. As I have told Richard, it seems like there is more at work here than just chance. Augie's story is one for the ages, and the best part is that there is a whole new chapter about to be written!.....
This is an email sent to our friends at, Mid Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue
> Richard,
> Suzanne, Michelle -
> Greetings! Today
> marked the one week anniversary for Augie at our home in New
> Tripoli!

> It has been a
> very exciting and busy week for all of us here!

> Augie arrived
> home with us last Saturday afternoon. We gave him all the
> time he needed to sniff around inside and outside and become
> familiar with his new home.
> By the following
> morning, he was much more active and actually gave us a few
> barks! Since then, he has become more and more comfortable,
> and his transition to his "forever home" has been
> seamless. Augie has been exploring
> inside and outside all week - he is young and curious!
> Augie has a fascination with doors. If there is a closed
> door, he will sit and stare at it - he wants to know what is
> behind it! If he cannot open it, he barks until he gets a
> chance to explore some more!

> We bought Augie
> two large doggie pillows, one for upstairs, one for
> downstairs. We also got him a new leash and collar. To be
> safe, we also bought a harness that fits him properly. If he
> is out front, he is always
> in the harness so that he is not pulling on his collar and
> choking himself. The harness is a 'mesh fit', which
> is comfortable for Augie and also very safe. This harness is
> great for walks!

> I registered
> Augie with Lehigh County by getting a dog license. I also
> have him scheduled next week for an exam at our vet, Country
> Doctor. Augie is current with all his shots, but I want to
> get him "on the books"
> at our vet and set up a schedule for heartworm medication
> and annual visits to ensure that Augie has all his shots
> when they are due.


 I have attached a word document with several pictures of
> Augie in our home over the last week. These are pics of
> Augie on his new doggie pillows, Augie barking in the back
> yard, and Augie sleeping on my bed (yes,
> I am spoiling him rotten!). Please feel free to share this
> email and pictures with Save A Sato in Puerto Rico. Augie is
> a miracle, and the hard work and dedication of the
> volunteers at this rescue were the first step in making this
> miracle happen. I think
> that the people there would love to know that Augie is
> doing just fine, and that he has found a loving
> home.

As for my new
> friends at Mid Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue, I can only say
> this - THANK YOU.
> Richard, you
> have been incredible from the beginning. MABHR is lucky to
> have such a caring and devoted man working for them.
> Suzanne, Michelle - I never had the honor of meeting you,
> but I want to take a moment and
> thank you for what you are doing. I am sure that there are
> days when all three of you wonder if all your hard work is
> making a difference. Today, I can tell you that your
> hard work DOES matter.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gabby at her forever home

This is gaby, living at her new home! her parents want to share this pictures with all Save A Sato fans! Thanks for the email!

Grandma's little angel.  
 Gabby is healthy, Happy and just the sweetest little girl.

Adopting a SATO was the best thing our daughter could have done for our grandson's.
We love her to pieces!!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Happy Ending for Caesar!! another sato with a Forever Home!

Raquel saw when a car pulled up, open the door and let the dog out.  He ran underneath a car to hide.  Raquel coaxed him out from under the car.  From then on he would not leave Raquel's side.  The first night Raquel slept on the floor by his side, he was so afraid of being left alone.  She had him for 1 year.

Hello Save a Sato!

I wanted to write a short note to give you an update on Cesar.  Cesar was flown to Chicago on September 12 to Midwest Labrador Retriever Rescue, with help from Good as Gold.


I picked him up at O'Hare International Airport and took him home.  We are fostering him while we look for his forever home.  For a few days he was tired and a little scared, but you can't blame him for that.

Since then he has been busy.

He's been to the vet for a minor surgery to remove a lump on his left eyelid and a broken tooth.  After just a week or so he goes to the door to go outside and is pretty much housebroken.

He has a foster brother and sister and they all get along pretty well.  He likes going for walks, playing in the yard, going for rides in the car, and sleeping on the couch.

He is a very happy dog that is very friendly to all the people he meets.   He goes everywhere with us and just loves attention.

We wanted to thank everyone at Save a Sato for saving Cesar.  He is a very sweet dog and we will make sure he finds a great forever home, and we will take good care of him until then.  I'm attaching a picture of him playing with a ball on his dog bed, which he loves to sleep on.

Thanks also for everything you do to help all the animals.  You are making a HUGE difference.

Best Regards,


Cesar has already found a forever home.  His adoption is pending approval by the lab rescue, but I know for sure that Cesar has found a great home.

The people that will be adopting him are my parents.  They met him and simply loved him.  Cesar crawled right up into Mom's lap and that was that.  Cesar will never have to worry about being loved again and will live out his days as a cherished friend and part of our family.

Up to this point he's been living with us and we've gotten very fond of him also.  He goes everywhere with us, sleeps in bed with us and is a great little guy.  We love him too, but know, as fosters, that we have to give him up to save another dog that needs help.  We will certainly miss his happy face and wagging tail.  He's always smiling it seems, and is just happy to be loved.

Thank you again to Raquel and everyone at Save a Sato for saving him.  You guys did a great job with him.   There is a happy ending for Cesar and I know he will be happy and loved and will bring happiness to his forever home also.

Best Regards

Monday, October 7, 2013

Great news from As Good As Gold, another happy ending for a Sato!!

Happy Tails by Dorelle Ackermann

"As Good as Gold" aptly describes Nala, who traveled 2,000 miles to bless my family with her presence.  How is it that a street dog from Puerto Rico can be so gentle, calm and trusting?  How can she be so beautiful with such a lustrous coat?  How can she already be potty trained and has adapted to life in the suburbs?  Well, she's as good as gold!

If you are reading this newsletter, I don't need to explain how a dog can capture your heart within minutes of meeting her at her wonderful foster home with Tracy Zavos.  After her initial fears were overcome, she sat next to me leaned in and looked up with her trusting brown eyes.  It didn't matter that I thought I was quite content with owning one golden (my other golden crossed the Rainbow Bridge last January).  I knew I couldn't ask for a better match.  What a joy to see her courageously face her fears and overcome them.  Her first trip to PetSmart was cautious. On her second trip (she's too cute not to have her own designer collar and leash) she pranced right in to the store.  Her first night sleeping with my daughter required a boost up on the bed; the second night she hopped right up, sprawled out in the middle of the bed and took over the pillow as well.  She's working at winning over Maija (my 7-year-old golden) by joining in a little Frisbee play, but not quite ready to plunge into the local pond to retrieve it.  I'm willing to bet she will be tops in her etiquette class, which we start on Friday.  After all, she has the "street smarts" of a Sato and the "desire to please" of a golden.  A winning combination.

Since meeting Nala (a.k.a. Queen), I've learned about the partnership between AGaG and  Together they have brought over 20 golden retriever/mixes from the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico to our area.  What is incredible to me is the dedication and commitment of so many volunteers that made this happen.  How fortunate I feel to be the recipient of this sweet pup and the efforts of so many.
I am recommitting to supporting AGaG through service and donations.  Each
bottle of wine, candle or calendar purchased contributes to saving a golden and enriching the life of a family.  Where else can you enjoy a murder mystery or dinner at the zoo and be supporting such a worthwhile cause at the same time?  I can certainly step up and "Strut My Mutt" which is another winning fund raiser for AGaG.  And, although there is a core group of volunteers that donate an incredible number of hours, the few hours that I donate as a transporter for goldens add up when multiplied by dozens of people that also "give what they can".  
After I read an article about Serena featured in "Tails from the Backseat" in the newsletter a couple of months ago, I decided to apply for a golden.  Serena was also a Sato dog from Puerto Rico.  Was it fate that I didn't get Serena, but got another Sato dog?  Perhaps, and perhaps this article on Nala will inspire you to apply for a golden.  I hope so.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ellen send us a beautiful collage on her experience after visiting Save A Sato's Shelter

Ellen visited us a couple of months ago with students from Connecticut, to volunteer and help on the shelter's daily tasks, she fell in love with our satos and she is planning to comeback again on june. After visiting our shelter, she told us that her life has changed and she now lives to help animals from the streets, in anyway she can! We are so happy for hearing this! we hope to continue to encourage people all around the world to think like this.
**Hellen, your spanish is good!! we hope to have you here again so we can practice, while we play with the satos! :)

También, planeo volver a Puerto Rico este junio con estudiantes para ser 
voluntarios con Save a Sato otra vez. Fue una experiencia fantástica para los 
estudiantes y para mí. La experiencia cambió mi vida y voy a ayudar a los perros 
callejeros por el
resto de mi vida.  Nick dice que va a venir en el viaje "por seguro". Ojalá que 
sus padres estén de acuerdo. :-)  Chesi también quiere ir otra vez, pero aún no 
le ha pedido el permiso de su mamá. 

Rico (Manolo) está fantástico. Mi mamá está taaaaan contenta tenerle. Y tengo 
otra noticia buena: Acabo de comprar billetes para volar a Iowa en diciembre con 
mi esposo y hijos. Mi familia en Iowa bromea que la razón que voy tiene más que 
ver con Rico
que a ella. (jaja). El solo problema es que no me gusta dejar a Phoebe porque 
ella esté triste cuando salimos. Pero cuando no podemos llevarla, tengo varios 
vecinos que tienen (y les gustan mucho) perros así que ella está bien cuidada.

Ajuntado a este correo electrónico está una foto del cartel que le mandé a 
Gloria. Puedes ponerla en el sitio Save a Sato si quieres.

Ojalá que mi español no fuera terrible; necesité la oportunidad para 
practicarlo.   :-)

Un abrazo fuerte,


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Colegio San Jose, superior de Caguas ayudando a los satitos!

Nuestro mas profundo agradecimiento a la clase del septimo grado, del Colegio San Jose de Caguas PR por su aportacion y esfuerzo en ayudar a los satos de Save A Sato, gracias a maravillosas personas como ustedes, nuestro albergue sigue en pie y con ganas de seguir ayudando cada dia a nuestros satos de todo Puerto Rico.

Aqui unas fotos de la maravillosa aportacion de estos estudiantes!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy ending for Manolo, now Rico !

Dear Friends, Thank you for Manolo, he is adjusting very quickly, and all family here in Cedar Falls, love Him.

AA deserves a big thank you for the discount cargo rate. Manolo . (Rico now) will have an easy and fun life. 

 Anita Dowell

My note card shows my 9 grandchild 15 years ago. our family dogs are pictured. 8 are rescuesd dogs - the blonde cocker is Ellen's from P.R. My note cards represent what are wonderful memories. Rico will be added for new cards. Carry on your good work.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chito, adopted on 2001 is celebrating his 14th birthday!!

 We love hearing about our satos and their families, and here is an email sent by Chito's family.

This is Chito, he was rescued off the streets of Aguadilla. He was one and a half years old when i adopted him in Feb. 2001 from Humane Society of Broward County. He's my world as much as I know, i am his.

Also...i remember he was rescued at around one year old then rehab at your shelter for six months so he was one and a half years when adopted him from Broward county humane society Florida. The first website had a black and white pic with Gloria holding him in one hand and caption read "on way to Broward county" he had a sister that was black and white. Chito says hi and thank you so much....he sends Gloria a big happy howl !

my little boy turned fourteen this month. Very strong dog. Still goes on long walks everyday and barks when he wants to play. The bond is incredible. Happy birthday Chito 14. 

 He talks. He loves to talk and go for walks everyday. Thank you all for my boy.  

Thank you for letting us know about Chito, and for giving him the opportunity to live a happy life!
Thanks for saving a sato! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A happy ending for Serena!

Serena, now Mija with her parents!

Here are some pictures of Serena, now known as Mija! We heard that Serena's family is so good, that she must feel like she hit a Million Dollar Jackpot!! Mija's new parents really adores her! We wish you a lot of happy years with Serena, and we thank you for Saving A Sato!
Serena, now Mija

Dear Tia Ivonne.

I think I have finally found my forever home here in Chicago! Mommy Judie & Daddy Tom say they love me and are constantly hugging me & petting me. I guess you could say that I am “the artist formerly known as Serena” as I even have a new name! Since I grew up in Puerto Rico, mom thought I should maintain a link to my heritage. And since I’m such a sweet little girl, I’m called Mija. Dad takes me for walks several times a day and I keep him company when he works in his garden or in the yard. I never leave his side. None of us even miss that old leg of mine! I do have a special harness/vest that gives me special support when we walk and someday, the “special orthopedic vet” says I may need a brace for my good leg. But for now I am busy building up the muscle in my other back leg and I plan to stay slim and trim so that will help.

I’m getting to know my other animal housemates. The 12 year old Chihuahua , “Oleander”, is getting used to my invitations to play. Sometimes I hold my big treat bone really still so she can chew on the other end with me. I know what their feeding bowls look like and I respectfully watch them eat their little kibbles after I’ve wolfed mine down. “Lacey”, the 5 year old mini-dachshund, also a rescue, is recovering from a leg dislocation so she is on 3 legs right now too. I know how she feels so sometimes I lie next to her and lick her back leg. I think she likes me. I love my new crate where the good bones are kept. Sometimes the other dogs think it’s their crate so I just lie outside the crate door and politely whine for them to leave so I can go in.

The cats, “Tony Orlando “and his sidekick, “Dawn” , have learned to leap onto the counters (used to be a forbidden strategy) when I charge them as I gallop down the hall on the wooden floors and slide into the furniture. Speaking of furniture, these gringos have it all wrong. Ay, Caramba! The floral pillows belong on the floor and the rest of the cushions should be on their side! If I keep rearranging them, maybe someday they’ll learn. I worry about mom getting overheated during the night so, about 2 am, I carefully take the corner of the blanket and slowly ease it off the bed.

I really look forward to my weekly obedience classes. They have good treats when I do what they say plus I get to pick out a squeaker toy or bone for a reward before we leave the store. People say I am so gentle and smart that someday I might be able to become a certified therapy dog. I think it would be great to be able to visit people in the hospital to show them that you don’t have to have all your parts to be fantastic! Mom and Dad say that someday we may be able to go to Puerto Rico to visit all my friends there. I hope it’s in the middle of February as I don’t know about this stuff they call snow! Until then,

Bow wow hugs and slobber kisses!!!

Serena, now Mija, at her new "Forever Home"

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another happy ending! Caramela has her forever home!!

 Caramela formerly known as PeeWee has her forever home

Little Background: earlier this year my husband and I had to make the difficult decision of putting one of our Yorkshire terriers down. Our youngest Yorkshire terrier, Rocky, fought a brave battle of an unforeseen illness until the illness collapsed his lungs. Rocky’s loss was hard on our family, but hardest on his older sister, Lollipop.

As our hearts were mending from our loss we noticed that Lollipop seemed sad and lonely. So my husband and I decided that it would be time to adopt another dog. We enlisted the help of our daughter who has two SATOS of her own and over the years had developed a friendship with Gloria and Save A Sato, to help with the search of finding a small companion for Lollipop. One day in late April I received a text message from my daughter and it read like this: “hola mami. How are you? Gloria has a beautiful 7 month old Yorkshire terrier mix puppy at her shelter named PeeWee. She’s looking for her forever home and is available for adoption ASAP. Gloria says she’s all yours if you are interested and will help you with the adoption process. Here’s Gloria’s phone number and picture of PeeWee will follow.” After a brief conversation with Gloria we signed on the dotted line and were informed we were becoming parents to our very first Sato.

Bidding her farewells to Gloria, PeeWee now known as Caramela, travelled to Boston, MA.

On our first meet and greet at the American Airlines Cargos, Caramela appeared to have been shy and scared. After seeking comfort on my lap we made our trip to our home in New Hampshire. On arrival I greeted Lollipop as usual so she would know we were home. After a couple of minutes I called my husband into the kitchen so Lollipop could meet Caramela. As my husband entered the room with Caramela in his arms we noticed that Lollipop’s interest perked up and was eager to meet Caramela. The introduction went so well we knew they were a perfect match. 

Caramela has settled very nicely in our home. She is the female version of Rocky. She’s very playful, loveable, friendly, energetic, curious and very intelligent. She is great with other dogs, children and adults of all ages. She is learning to walk on a leash and knows the command sit. She is now learning the command to stay and come. We’ve only had Caramela for less a month but she has become a great companion for the family and for Lollipop.


We want to personally thank Mama Gloria, Auntie Penelope and Auntie Coral for all of their help.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Smuckers, Marley and the Whisker Walk!

To all our sato friends at Save A Sato,

Smuckers and Marley participated in the 6th annual Whisker Walk held on June 9th. Whisker Walk is a walk-a-thon to benefit New England's animal shelters and rescue groups. This year Smuckers and Marley set two fundraising golas. One of their goals was to raise funds for Save A Sato. A shelter we hold dear to our hearts. Our generous sponsors that donated directly to Save A Sato are as follows:

Kevin Parent and Sonia Alvarez $50.00
Eliud Alvarez and Milly Nieves $50.00

Thank you very much to Smucker, Marley and their parents for this help for the satos!!! We really appreciate what you're doing for the shelter!!! We love you at Save A Sato!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Paris, desea ayudar a Save A Sato

 Karen nos escribe: 

inscribi a mi perra en un contest para ver si gana y aparece en la portada de una revista. al inscribirla tuve la oportuidad de escoger un welfare de animales que recibira una donacion de dinero en caso de ella ganar. Yo los escogi a ustedes, Save a sato, inc.... sera posible que lo publiquen en su pagina? asi la voz se riega mas rapido y tenemos mas probabilidades de ganar. aqui les pongo el link de la pagina del concurso, tienen q darle al link, ve a "view entries" y busque a Paris, un a Standard Poodle blanca y rosita. Al lado de su nombre aparece el nombre de save a Sato, Inc.. dale click a la foto y cuando abra, ve a la parte de abajo de la pagina y dale click a VOTE... Riega la voz please!

Gracias Karen por tu interes en ayudar a Save A Sato

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Students from Conneticut visit Save A Sato, and take back home a new friend!!

It's so hard, not to fall in love with one of our satos, while you re visiting the shelter!! This is what happened to Emily, as soon as she saw Tanzie, she fell in love and commited to give her a "forever home"! Thank you for giving a new life to one of our sato, we hope you have a lot of happy years with your new friend from Save A Sato!!

 " Tanzie could not have been a better traveler. She didn't bark or whine even once, and she didn't even seem overly anxious." Ellen

Friday, June 21, 2013


Last May, the Florida InternationaI University students, visited the satos from Save A Sato Foundation, at the shelter of miracles from San Juan, Puerto Rico, thanks to a program called, alternative breaks. This program, encourages students from the campus, to travel around the world and help, giving community service, where is most needed. It was so nice to have them helping us at the shelter, you all did a great job, cleaning, giving baths, and playing with the satos!! We hope you all had a wonderful experience, at our humble shelter and nice memories to take back home. We are really thankful for your visit!!

On the Picture:
1. Placido Zambrano (Ecuador)
2. Zoila Michel (USA/Cuba)
3. Taylor Giunto (USA)
4. Sarah Mayhew (South Africa)
5. Lauren Ramos (Poland/Puerto Rico)
6. Joanna Guillaume (Haiti/ USA)
7. Sabrena O'Keefe (USA)
8. Tam Pham (Vietnam)
9. Valerie Rieger (Argentina)
10. Gena Zapata (USA/Columbia)
11. Kristin Nunez (Dominican Republic/Honduras)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Estamos hoy en la 65 de infanteria, solicitando tu ayuda!

A todos nuestros amigos y seguidores, los voluntarios de Save a Sato Foundation, estaremos hoy en la 65 de infanteria, en el cruce de St Just y La ave. Campo Rico, pidiendo ayuda por Save A Sato. Ven y para en la luz y dona por los satos, para asi podernos ayudar a aliviar los costos enormes de pagos a veterinarios y suplir a nuestros satos con todo lo necesario, para asi poder seguir con su rehabilitacion!! no importa cuan pequena sea una aportacion, sera para nosotros de gran ayuda!!

Mensaje de Facebook:


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Smucker Has A Sister! Read and share this wonderful story of one of our sato rescues!

Smuckers has a sister

We wanted to share with you some happy news. Smuckers has a little sister. Meet Marley.


Little background: we adopted Smuckers two years ago from W.A.R.L. in Worcester, MA. My husband and I were just newlyweds and had taken on the challenge of having our very first home built. Only to realize our love alone didn’t completely fill the house. So we decided to expand our intimate family of two. The two of us were not just looking for any dog. We were both looking for a companion. Falling in love with his photograph, we reached out to W.A.R.L in Worcester, MA with regards to a then six month old puppy named Coty. Initially we were going just for a meet and greet, but we just knew we would be coming home with a bundle of joy. After a meet and greet of two hours, the three of us formed a special bond and knew this puppy was meant for us. We signed on the dotted line and became proud parents of Coty, now named Smuckers.  

December of 2012, my husband and I took a trip to Puerto Rico. This was an exciting trip for the two of us. This was my husband’s very first trip to the island. I was extremely excited as my husband would be meeting the rest of my family, get a little taste of my culture, and visit the neighborhood that I grew up in, but most importantly we were going to meet Gloria for the very first time. Due to some delays in Boston, MA we arrived a day late. Upon our arrival (Christmas Eve) we immediately reached out to Gloria and informed her she would be our very first visit on the island. We got a little lost getting to the shelter, but on arrival we were greeted with open arms and warmest smile from Gloria. After we exchanged some gifts and donations we brought with us for the shelter, we were overjoyed when Gloria extended an invitation to us to spend and experience a day at Save A Sato. The experience was incredibly rewarding and it will never be forgotten. As our day came to a close, I couldn’t help to leave in tears. Gloria stopped me at the gate and said “Don’t leave sad. This is a happy moment. My angels are safe. With time they will find their forever homes. In the meantime I will love and care for each of them. I will make sure they will not go hungry or sick. The two of you have given Save A Sato the biggest gift you can give. You saved Smuckers’ life. Give Smuckers the biggest hug and kiss from Mama Gloria.”  With those parting words from Gloria my husband and I knew we wanted to give back in a very different way. We wanted to become parents to another SATO.

After two months of looking for the perfect SATO companion for our little guy, Marley found us (formerly known as Tara). We were introduced to this sweet and painfully shy six month old little girl at Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA. She had traveled up from Puerto Rico with one of her brothers. After spending some time with Marley, we noticed she was a little different from Smuckers. She was painfully shy and buried her head on our laps. But, when Marley met Smuckers she perked up and the two were meant to be brother and sister. We again signed on the dotted line and became proud parents of another SATO.

Bringing her home was a bit of a challenge. She spent the first few days hiding under furniture, running away from us and having to be hand fed. She was only showing interest towards Smuckers. Wherever he went she was sure to follow. We’ve only had Marley for about two months. During this time Marley has taught us that she wasn’t just looking for any forever home, she was looking for a forever home with a four-legged companion that can understand her.  Smuckers has truly become her security blanket. With Smuckers’ help Marley has warmed up to her human parents, walks lovely on a leash, knows that bath time is always fun with a rubber ducky, brushing her teeth is a delicious treat, Doggie Day Care is fun, understands the command to sit and is learning stay and paw and has a sophisticated taste palate of fish, fruits and vegetables. Marley is still skittish around other humans, big dogs and car rides. We are hoping with Smuckers’ help and with time she will officially come out of her shell and let others see how sweet and lovely she is.

These two little SATOS travelled a long way to find their forever home. With the generous help of miracle worker Mama Gloria and Mama Esther, their wish came true.

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