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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another happy ending! Caramela has her forever home!!

 Caramela formerly known as PeeWee has her forever home

Little Background: earlier this year my husband and I had to make the difficult decision of putting one of our Yorkshire terriers down. Our youngest Yorkshire terrier, Rocky, fought a brave battle of an unforeseen illness until the illness collapsed his lungs. Rocky’s loss was hard on our family, but hardest on his older sister, Lollipop.

As our hearts were mending from our loss we noticed that Lollipop seemed sad and lonely. So my husband and I decided that it would be time to adopt another dog. We enlisted the help of our daughter who has two SATOS of her own and over the years had developed a friendship with Gloria and Save A Sato, to help with the search of finding a small companion for Lollipop. One day in late April I received a text message from my daughter and it read like this: “hola mami. How are you? Gloria has a beautiful 7 month old Yorkshire terrier mix puppy at her shelter named PeeWee. She’s looking for her forever home and is available for adoption ASAP. Gloria says she’s all yours if you are interested and will help you with the adoption process. Here’s Gloria’s phone number and picture of PeeWee will follow.” After a brief conversation with Gloria we signed on the dotted line and were informed we were becoming parents to our very first Sato.

Bidding her farewells to Gloria, PeeWee now known as Caramela, travelled to Boston, MA.

On our first meet and greet at the American Airlines Cargos, Caramela appeared to have been shy and scared. After seeking comfort on my lap we made our trip to our home in New Hampshire. On arrival I greeted Lollipop as usual so she would know we were home. After a couple of minutes I called my husband into the kitchen so Lollipop could meet Caramela. As my husband entered the room with Caramela in his arms we noticed that Lollipop’s interest perked up and was eager to meet Caramela. The introduction went so well we knew they were a perfect match. 

Caramela has settled very nicely in our home. She is the female version of Rocky. She’s very playful, loveable, friendly, energetic, curious and very intelligent. She is great with other dogs, children and adults of all ages. She is learning to walk on a leash and knows the command sit. She is now learning the command to stay and come. We’ve only had Caramela for less a month but she has become a great companion for the family and for Lollipop.


We want to personally thank Mama Gloria, Auntie Penelope and Auntie Coral for all of their help.

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