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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Smuckers, Marley and the Whisker Walk!

To all our sato friends at Save A Sato,

Smuckers and Marley participated in the 6th annual Whisker Walk held on June 9th. Whisker Walk is a walk-a-thon to benefit New England's animal shelters and rescue groups. This year Smuckers and Marley set two fundraising golas. One of their goals was to raise funds for Save A Sato. A shelter we hold dear to our hearts. Our generous sponsors that donated directly to Save A Sato are as follows:

Kevin Parent and Sonia Alvarez $50.00
Eliud Alvarez and Milly Nieves $50.00

Thank you very much to Smucker, Marley and their parents for this help for the satos!!! We really appreciate what you're doing for the shelter!!! We love you at Save A Sato!!

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