Sato Adds

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thank you Orlando and Olga Ruiz! The Satos at the SanSe 2015!

 We would like to thanks Orlando and Olga for this donation and for helping our satos for 2 years in a row!!

From our sato mail!!

Saludos, we were pleased to finally meet Gloria and staff at SAS during our visit to the shelter, to deliver the $331 donation from the people of Puerto Rico given during the 2015 Fiesta de la Calle San Sebasti├ín.  We are very proud of Maya and Toby for their dedication to helping their Sato family.  Thank you all for your work too.  You may post these photos on your Facebook to thank everyone for their support.
Best regards,
Orlando and Olga Ruiz-Roque
Calle San Justo
Viejo San Juan

Monday, February 2, 2015

Buddy, adopted 14 years ago!

From our sato mail!
Buddy was our first pet and our lives resolved around him.We couldn't imagine a more perfect friend and we miss him terribly. He was diagnosed with kidney disease a year ago.He took a drastic change for the worse last week and was in pain so it was time. He had a very happy 14 years.
 Buddy recently crossed the rainbow bridge, we want to say thank you to Susan Dilbert, his mom for taking care of him for this last 14 years!