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Friday, February 7, 2014

A call for help from Save A Sato

 This is Ricardo, he was rescued this morning by Gloria's son and named after him. He was dying of hunger and dehydration on a parking lot near a store. 
As soon as Gloria arrived to the area, she built a shelter with cardboard  boxes and a umbrella so he can have a little rest from the burning sun and drink some water before taking him to the shelter. 
After he arrived to the shelter, he was fed, but later, he threw out all the food he ate and worms came out of his stomach. 

He is very skinny and sick, he looks like he has been beaten and mistreated during the time he has been on the streets,  we are trying to do everything on our hands to save his life, he will be tested during the day to see if his heart is free of heart-worms, and also taken to the vet. We need your help, only with your donations we can help Ricardo with his treatment, visit our main page if you wish to help by Paypal.
(Gloria is telling Ricardo, not to worry, his life will change for good now at Save A Sato)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sophie needs your help!

Last saturday we received a call, to see if we can help Sophie! she was named like that by the two Brazilian girls that found her in an sporting event here on PR. These volleyball players and her coach are willing to adopt Sophie and take her to the United States after her recovery! Can you help us with your donations? Sophie is right now at Avian & Small Animals Clinic, she will get today some X-rays pics to see if her leg can be saved! Please visit our main page if you wish to help! 

sophie's leg

Monday, February 3, 2014

Pepita, found a Forever Home!!

(Pepita enjoying a nap at  her Forever Home)

 This is Pepita, she spent some time living with foster parents, but they fell in love with her and decided to adopt her! Now she is living a happy live in the U.S.A!!

We would like to thanks Sidnia for her efforts of finding her a forever home!! and these great new parents that decided to give Pepita a better time on earth!!
(foster parents, now parents!!)

Having fun on the backyard!

Free kisses at Las Fiestas de la Calle, PR!!

Thank you for helping the satos with this!!! 
From our sato mail:

Hope you get the photos.  You are authorized to use the photos for your facefook page if you'd like.  Below is the receipt for the donation.  There were a lot of nice people that stopped to greet Maya and Toby, and donate to Save A Sato.  It would be great to recognize their generous donations on your facebook.

Thank you guys for your work on behalf of the Satos, we are please that we could provide a small token of support for your work.  We look forward to visiting your shelter next time we are in the San Juan area.

Best wishes, and warm regards.

Orlando and Olga Ruiz-Roque
Maya and Toby
"Calle San Justo Yorkies" Viejo San Juan

Fiestas de la calle San Sebastian, San Juan PR 2014