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Monday, February 3, 2014

Free kisses at Las Fiestas de la Calle, PR!!

Thank you for helping the satos with this!!! 
From our sato mail:

Hope you get the photos.  You are authorized to use the photos for your facefook page if you'd like.  Below is the receipt for the donation.  There were a lot of nice people that stopped to greet Maya and Toby, and donate to Save A Sato.  It would be great to recognize their generous donations on your facebook.

Thank you guys for your work on behalf of the Satos, we are please that we could provide a small token of support for your work.  We look forward to visiting your shelter next time we are in the San Juan area.

Best wishes, and warm regards.

Orlando and Olga Ruiz-Roque
Maya and Toby
"Calle San Justo Yorkies" Viejo San Juan

Fiestas de la calle San Sebastian, San Juan PR 2014

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