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Friday, December 27, 2013

From our sato inbox!

This is my sato "Dixie" from the mean streets of p rico that i jabber about so much. I have been wanting to show her to you and just figured out how to attach a pic. Lol I'm a bit techno challenged! Anyway, this is the one who stole my heart. I can not express enough to people what wonderful dogs these satos are. They are just different. They are intelligent and faithful. I think they are also grateful for getting a chance at a good home. They seem to make the most of what they get and return their love double to you. They are so unique it makes them hard to describe, but I can certainly say without a doubt...a sato will be the best dog you will ever have as a family member. She certainly fills my heart daily with happiness. Its almost like she tries to do things that make me laugh. So my point is to all the people thinking about adopting these satos don't doubt them, just adopt them! You will never regret it. They are a one of a kind breed.

Roberta Gordon

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