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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy ending for Manolo, now Rico !

Dear Friends, Thank you for Manolo, he is adjusting very quickly, and all family here in Cedar Falls, love Him.

AA deserves a big thank you for the discount cargo rate. Manolo . (Rico now) will have an easy and fun life. 

 Anita Dowell

My note card shows my 9 grandchild 15 years ago. our family dogs are pictured. 8 are rescuesd dogs - the blonde cocker is Ellen's from P.R. My note cards represent what are wonderful memories. Rico will be added for new cards. Carry on your good work.

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  1. Hi, Save a Sato friends! The above note was sent in by my mom, who adopted Manolo (now Rico). I fell in love with him when in Puerto Rico because he was so scared and untrusting, but without an aggressive bone in his body. My husband couldn't be talked into a second dog, but my mom is also a dog person and said she trusted my instinct. She loves Rico and says he is a real cuddler. Her other rescue dog, Addie, adores Rico and they play very happily together. They both get to sleep in bed with my mom each night, so these two have both found their "happily ever after". Thanks, Mom, for trusting my dog instincts! Love, Ellen