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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Happy Ending for Caesar!! another sato with a Forever Home!

Raquel saw when a car pulled up, open the door and let the dog out.  He ran underneath a car to hide.  Raquel coaxed him out from under the car.  From then on he would not leave Raquel's side.  The first night Raquel slept on the floor by his side, he was so afraid of being left alone.  She had him for 1 year.

Hello Save a Sato!

I wanted to write a short note to give you an update on Cesar.  Cesar was flown to Chicago on September 12 to Midwest Labrador Retriever Rescue, with help from Good as Gold.


I picked him up at O'Hare International Airport and took him home.  We are fostering him while we look for his forever home.  For a few days he was tired and a little scared, but you can't blame him for that.

Since then he has been busy.

He's been to the vet for a minor surgery to remove a lump on his left eyelid and a broken tooth.  After just a week or so he goes to the door to go outside and is pretty much housebroken.

He has a foster brother and sister and they all get along pretty well.  He likes going for walks, playing in the yard, going for rides in the car, and sleeping on the couch.

He is a very happy dog that is very friendly to all the people he meets.   He goes everywhere with us and just loves attention.

We wanted to thank everyone at Save a Sato for saving Cesar.  He is a very sweet dog and we will make sure he finds a great forever home, and we will take good care of him until then.  I'm attaching a picture of him playing with a ball on his dog bed, which he loves to sleep on.

Thanks also for everything you do to help all the animals.  You are making a HUGE difference.

Best Regards,


Cesar has already found a forever home.  His adoption is pending approval by the lab rescue, but I know for sure that Cesar has found a great home.

The people that will be adopting him are my parents.  They met him and simply loved him.  Cesar crawled right up into Mom's lap and that was that.  Cesar will never have to worry about being loved again and will live out his days as a cherished friend and part of our family.

Up to this point he's been living with us and we've gotten very fond of him also.  He goes everywhere with us, sleeps in bed with us and is a great little guy.  We love him too, but know, as fosters, that we have to give him up to save another dog that needs help.  We will certainly miss his happy face and wagging tail.  He's always smiling it seems, and is just happy to be loved.

Thank you again to Raquel and everyone at Save a Sato for saving him.  You guys did a great job with him.   There is a happy ending for Cesar and I know he will be happy and loved and will bring happiness to his forever home also.

Best Regards

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