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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thank You note from the satos!

Save a Sato sends a BIG hug and muchos thanks to Marty Charns with Pilots n’ Paws.  Thank you, thank you!!!!

Here is the story of Elsie, Azul, Lucy and Luis. They were accepted at the Humane Society in VT but AA cargo does not travel there Sidnia Delgado (Partner Shelter Coordinator)  reached out to Pilots n Paws for help. Marty stepped up to the challenge. He picked them up in Boston and kept them for the night so that he could fly them to Vermont first thing in the morning. Two pups stayed with him and two others with a friend. Next morning they arrived in Vt safe and sound. 

Marty really went above and beyond to help with our Satos.    

Marty with Azul

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  1. Mr. Charns and all who helped him, thank you for you dedication to help theses animals.