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Friday, June 27, 2014

Lupe's Happy ending!

Beautiful Lupe!
A few months back, we were lucky enough to adopt a little black Chihuahua mix named “CHI CHI” from island Puppy Rescue here in NJ. The dog had originally come from Save a Sato, I believe she was found by police wandering the streets. We have since renamed her Guadeloupe, but we nicknamed her “Lupe”.

I wanted to thank you for helping this amazing little dog, she has added an immense amount of happiness to our household, and our other Chihuahua mixes, DIEGO, SANCHEZ and CARMELITA.
If I sent you some pics, could you put them on your happy endings website page?? She deserves her 15 minutes of fame.
Thank you.

Diego, Sanchez,and Carmelita with OB
Thank You for sharing!! Lupe looks happy with her new friends!! we are so happy that now she have friends to play and a loving family that will take good care of her!!
Sanchez and Lupe napping!

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