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Friday, November 28, 2014

Update on Agustin! 11/28/2014

 An email sent to us recently

Gus our new pup. They did have to amputate his leg.  Not only was it completely separated at the knee, the bone was broken and infected from bebe pellets.  Once the bone is infected there's not much they can do.  Then they found his right hip is dislocated.  So another procedure to go through! Poor guy. But notice the tail never stops wagging!!

For those who don't know, he was found in the streets of Puerto Rico by a rescue group, where he'd been abused and shot with bebes.  I felt he deserved an awesome home and I know that's exactly what we'll give him!! He was flown to the U.S. last week and is with a rescue group just outside of Philadelphia until he's well enough to come to Clarence.

Agustin fue operado en los Estados Unidos, lamentablemente perdio su pata, encrontraron bolines, en sus huesos, o sea que mientras estaba en las calles de nuestro pais, alguien le disparo con una pistola de pelletes lo que causa que sus huesos se infectaran, tambien su cadera esta dislocada, y por esto pasara por otro proceso. Aunque perdio su patita su nuevo amo, nos indiga que se ve bien y moviendo su rabito.


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