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Monday, May 26, 2014

Ivy on her way to be adopted!

Meet Ivy, Gloria pick her up from the streets, she used to live on the parking lot behind a supermarket, surviving eating from the trash cans, while she was pregnant, her companion dog, probably the father of her puppies was killed by a car, near the parking lot where the use to live. 

Ivy has been with Save A Sato for a whole year now, when she arrived to the shelter, she came with some company.....11 puppies!!

After all this time Ivy and her puppies, has been under the special care of Gloria and the volunteers of Save A Sato, all of her puppies has already been adopted!

Last week, Ivy was spayed, we would like to take this opportunity to thanks Dr Mongil, for this! As you can see, it wasnt an easy task! Ivy is one of our biggest sato right now at the shelter!

Ivy is now at the shelter, recovering from her operation, and getting ready to travel soon to her new "forever home" in the United States! All this is done, thanks to your donations and wonderful people like Dr Mongil, dedicated vets like him, makes the impossible, possible for our satos!!

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  1. She is very sweet. The family who adopt her will have the best company.