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Saturday, November 12, 2011

A happy ending for Maia!!

Maia in her halloween costume, 2nd place winner!

This was an email sent to one of the volunteers of Save A Sato "La Lola" from Nancy Leray, a proud mom of a Puertorican Sato!

Hi Lola, it's been very exciting to watch the shelter changes taking place on facebook! How I wish we could be there to help out!! Here is a picture of Maia dressed up for Halloween. I'm not big into dressing her up, but the
winners got gift certificates to the pet store so we gave it a try. She won 2nd place and we won $25!! Of course we are using the money to buy her new toys and treats! She is a very sweet, happy dog and we love her so much!

Hope all is well with you. Please say hello to everyone from us and give Gloria a big hug!

Thank you Nancy for writing us! we love to receive this kind of emails!! If anyone out there would like to share stories about your Sato, from Save A Sato, Puerto Rico, or any other organization, please write us to or

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  1. me gustaria saber donde es que salvan a los perros satos pues veo montones de ellos abandonados en las calles y cuando uno llama a estas organizaciones para recogerlos no hacen nada, son organizaciones para lucrarse economicamente