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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A letter from the heart and a happy ending for Maria!

Maria, now Mama Mia June 2011

Dear Gloria:

Above is a picture of Maria who came from your shelter, her new name became Mama Mia when we adopted her on June 16, 2011 from Worcester MA Animal Rescue League. I found the letter in her packet that explained to us where she came from, and what her life in Puerto Rico was like prior to your wonderful shelter saving her.

I can’t imagine what would have become of Maria had your support team not found her and brought her here? Our family is truly blessed by her presence.

In February of this year we had to put our beloved pointer Lucky down due cancer, he was 11 years old, and was a pointer mix that we saved from a local shelter when he was just 10 weeks old. We loved Lucky and never thought we would ever find another pet so kind and gentle…..until now, Mia selected our son when he walked into the kennel that was keeping her. My son told me that when he entered all of the dogs were barking except Mia, Mia came to him wagging her tail and making my son know this was the dog for us.

I was pleasantly surprised when my husband sent me a picture of this beautiful dog, and it reminded me so much of our precious love…. What where the chances of us of finding another pointer mix when we went looking? We believe in our hearts God had something to do with this miracle, and now knowing she came from the Miracle Shelter, well that’s just makes her more special.

She found out how to swim pretty quickly the other day, when she decided to jump off the boat! We of course jumped in to save her not really knowing if she would sink or swim. It was pretty funny thankfully she swam! She has a lot of new toys, a wonderful bed to sleep and she is learning new tricks daily. She’s very smart, we are training her to tell us with bells when she wants to go out, she’s almost house broken already, but still has a few accidents, and I’ve seen her wag her tail a few times while dreaming… We are hoping Mia loves her new home, and new family.

Although she has only spent a few days with her, we already feel she is a huge part of our family. We promise to love, and care for her all of her life. We can’t be more than happy with how she adapted to our humble home.

Please let everyone know who cared for Maria that she is in a loving home and we will raise her to be the best dog we can. She will want for nothing, and we will spoil her each and every second she is awake.

We have a history saving pets, one at a time, and we will do our best to keep Mia happy and healthy all the days of her life.

Please know we appreciate all you and your staff do for animals like Mia… God bless each and every one of you.

Thank you and God Bless

The Monahans

Linda, Stephen & Ryan Monahan

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  1. Wow, what an incredibly beautiful letter! So heartfelt! Mama Mia is lucky indeed. The Monahans appear to be amazing human beings. Bless them and Mama Mia.