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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spay Day is today!

Today is the day internationally known as Spay Day - a time to remind everyone how important it is to spay/neuter your pets. In truth, every day is spay day, for each time an animal is bought/adopted/found it should be spayed as soon as it is old enough. If everyone did this, the overpopulation problem would be nonexistent.

In Puerto Rico we know all too well the effects of not spaying animals - the number of unneutered dogs roaming the island is over 100,000. Many of these animals were pets or born to pets and discarded, and it is the responsibility of the humans to help stop this problem.

We have heard all of the excuses ranging from "I just wanted her to have one litter" to "it is not healthy for him to be neutered", but the one that makes me most angry is that a dog is less "valuable" when it is neutered, that a whole animal is a prized animal and a neutered animal is worthless. These dogs are allowed to roam and mate and no one thinks about the offspring that end up suffering.

What can you do? Each one of us should do our part to educate. If you have a friend that has an unneutered animal, take the time to talk to them about it - use the information on our website or others to talk about health benefits and over population statistics. Teach your children the same, we have a variety of fun activities on our web page that can help you. If you are able, consider sponsoring a spay for a shelter dog.

In these economic times, paying for spay/neuter surgery may be out of reach for many. Find out about low cost options, which are available in most every community. Understand that if you take on the responsibility of owning a pet that this expense is part of that responsibility, and seek out a resource to help you. For Puerto Rico we provide an extensive list of low cost options which can be found here. In other parts of the US, please visit Spay USA for a clinic near you.

You can make a difference.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sato Fashion Show!

Here are a few of the special dogs available for adoption at our shelter in Puerto Rico! They came to us with skin issues, and while their appearance may not be perfect, they are sweet as can be and would make a wonderful addition to a family looking for a sweet dog.

Roll out the red carpet, here are our star satos - all dressed up in their bandanas and smiling for our photographer Lita.

Moty models a green and blue bandana, she is ready for the beach! 

Moty is a one year old, 20lb. spayed female that came to the shelter with Demodectic Mange so her skin is not perfect but she has healed nicely and is ready for a family of her own.


Fashionable Billabong , handsome in pink!

Billabong is not afraid to show his gentle side, he is a 3 year old, 30 lb. neutered male that had Demodectic mange that has healed completely. He is a gentle boy that would make a wonderful pet.

Here is Libertad, ready to wag her way into your heart!

Libertad is a 2 year old, 20lb. spayed female. She also has some scarring due to Demodectic Mange, but she is a gentle, obedient dog looking for a human companion.

These are just a few of the many dogs in our shelter waiting for their forever homes, please consider adoption when looking for a dog to share your life with.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Our little Puppy has a name!

I blogged about naming our newest arrival and we received wonderful suggestions here and on our Facebook Fan Page. Gloria reviewed the list and chose her favorite...Gofio!!

Gofio and Gloria!
What is Gofio? In Puerto Rico, Gofio is a candy made of corn flour and sugar.  It's a beige colored powder candy that you place in your mouth and let it melt. It comes in a colorful paper cone and used to be sold 2 for one penny, but now it is quite scarce. Sounds like a sweet name for a sweet puppy!


Here is a recipe I found to make Gofio at home.

Gofio has a name, now he needs a home and a family of his own!

Thank you to all that suggested a name, we will keep the list and use your suggestions for other satos in the future.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Save a Sato Photo Contest on Facebook


Click here for the contest page and here for the official rules. 

For a donation of $5.00 we will upload your dog or cat photo in the category of your choice - the photos with the most votes will win wonderful prizes! 

Get the votes! It is up to you how you get votes or "likes" on Facebook, post to your Wall, invite your friends, blog about it...the possibilities are endless! The most "likes" win so ask everyone you know to vote for your photos.

All of the donations go directly to Save a Sato to continue our mission to help the satos.

Categories are - 

a. Love is Blind: Interspecies Adoration: Is your puppy's best friend a Maine Coon? Does your dog cuddle up to a guinea pig every night? Let's see the love between puppies and other kinds of animals.

b. Just the Two (or more) of Us: Dogs and their humans share an unbreakable bond. Let's see you in your most affectionate moments with your pup.

c. 31 Flavors of Cute: With the eyes of a huskie, the coat of a lab, and the jaw of a Dane, your mixed breed is magnificent. Show us how lovable mixed-breed dogs are.

d. Love that Transforms:Stories of Rescue & Healing: At Save a Sato, we see the how care and compassion improves the lives of dogs in need every day. If you share your life with a rescued dog, let us know how he or she went from tragedy to treasured companion.

e. Kitty Be Mine: Here's to all of us who are celebrating the love of a cat this month. Please share your cutest, funniest, wackiest, and most heartfelt photos and stories about your unforgettable feline.

Here are the prizes -
1st Place Prize for "Love that Transforms: Stories of Rescue & Healing": Many thanks to the Planet Dog Foundation for donating a wealth of goodies. Included in this package is your choice of a t-shirt, a canister of Orbee tennis balls, an Orbo, and one adorable leash.

Prize Value: Estimated $75

1st Place Prize for "Love is Blind: Interspecies Adoration": Your dog will been delighted by this 5-pound tin of gourmet treats donated by Polka Dog Bakery. It holds "Enough wholesome wheat, corn and soy-free deliciousness to share with the neighbors, bring to the park, host a party, or just keep to yourself for the yummy glory of it all," reads the can.

Prize Value: $66

1st Place Prize for "Just the Two (or More) of Us": Kong has generous donated a trough of goodies, from their signature chew toys to treats. Your puppy will fall in love a few times getting through this bounty. (Prize will not be delivered in a basket. Exact items received will vary.)

Prize Value: $75

1st Place Prize for "31 Flavors of Cute": Bark magazine has generously donated a goodie basket (see goodies above) PLUS a copy of their book Dog Joy customized with YOUR DOG'S PHOTO on the cover. How sweet is that?

Prize Value: $125

1st Place Prize for "Kitty Be Mine": Give your cat the whole kit 'n' kaboodle with this gift package, which includes:
--a black and white brocade NipNap, filled with three layers of batting and organic cat nip, approximately 16" x 16"
--Whisker City® Corrugated Cat Scratcher, double-sized!
--a Feathered Friend toy, a life-size bird on the end of a string, handcrafted from recycled, feline-safe products and real bird feathers
--Fortunate Kitty Catnip Toys
--two KittyBones

Prize Value: $60

2nd Place Prize for "Kitty Be Mine": Oh the fun you and your feline will have with these goodies:
--a "love bug" crinkle sack
--Whisker City® Corrugated Cat Scratcher, single size
--a set of Rapture Ravioli, nip-filled Valentines
--two KittyBones

Prize Value: $25

The first three dog-themed photos to reach 200 "likes" will receive a free one-year subscription to Modern Dog magazine.  

Prize Value: $15.00 each

2nd Place Prize for all dog photo winners: "Tails of Devotion," a beautiful, touching coffee table book of photographs of San Franciscans and their pets. It is a visual testimony to the very special relationship between pets and their families. Autographed by the author Emily Scott Pottruck.

Prize Value: $29.95

The first photo to 400 likes will receive this wonderful book and stuffed dog, donated by Kendra and Sheila Duncan. "Here's Trouble" tells the story of a dog's journey from sadness to rescue and hope. It's an inspiring story for children struggling through tough times. Autographed by the author.

Plus, if you're not a lucky winner, author Sheila Duncan has offered to donate 15% of the sales of the book or the stuffed dog to Save a Sato. Just mention SAS when you place your order!

Prize Value: $36

Special thanks to our generous prize donors - 

-Planet Dog Foundation
-The Kong Company 
-Bark magazine
-Modern Dog magazine
-Emily Scott Pottruck, author Tails of Devotion
-Pet Edge 
-Sheila Duncan, author Trouble Says be Tough

And to our wonderful volunteer, Tamara her sato Carla and kitties Oscar and Enzo for working so hard on this fundraiser! Thank you!!