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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Save A Sato Walkers!

Are you ready to volunteer and help our Satos? come by to our shelter of miracles in San Juan, every saturday from 1 pm to 5 pm, and help us by walking our Satos for a couple of minutes around the park! The Save A Sato shelter right now have over 150 dogs waiting for your help, 90% percent of the dogs on our shelter, have suffered traumatic experience on the streets and this is really helping them to socialize and exercise at the same time! So gather your family, and also some friends, and visit us! email for confirmation and also for more info!
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Monday, February 6, 2012

Don Quixote and Dulcinea friends for ever!

The month of February, is known around the world as the month of love and friendship, and what better way to start this month, by presenting to you, the story of Don Quixote and Dulcinea!

These inseparable friends, were rescued on January 19th 2011 by Gloria Marti, president of Save A
Sato Foundation.
Gloria, received a distress call, from a school in the area of San Juan, Puerto Rico, about a dog that was injured and was found on the patio of the school. Upon reaching the area, she found a seriously injured white dog with one of her leg completely shattered, apparently, she was hit by a car and left alone to her fate, although she was not so alone, by her side was a courageous canine friend, which was helping her to heal her wounds, licking them so they wont get infected and barking non stop, so that no one will approach her! Gloria quickly took her and this brave protector to the clinic of Dr. Dominguez in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, where they were cared for, her wound was so severe, that she had to be operated and sadly lost her leg, but this helped her not lose her life, his friend, passed all his tests on the vets and was declared as a healthy dog.

This action of loyalty and protection that provided this dog to her friend, was what led us to name him, Don Quixote, which with courage, remained all the time next to his Dulcinea, protecting her, until she was rescued!

Dulcinea, every day is improving, and is living now in the Shelter of Miracles of Save A Sato Foundation, her
brave friend Don Quixote, is still on her side, they play together every time they have an opportunity, volunteers from Save A Sato, also continue looking for donations, to afford the expenses of Dulcinea's operation and every day that passes, they dream, that this story of love and friendship, have the most happy ending that could be!, finding a "Forever Home" where these good friends live together, forever!

Dulcinea y Quijote, amigos para siempre!

Ya comenzo el mes de febrero, conocido alrededor del mundo como el mes del amor y la amistad, y que mejor manera de comenzar este mes, que presentandoles a Dulcinea y Quijote!

Estos amigos inseparables, fueron rescatados el pasado 19 de enero del 2011 por Gloria Marti, presidenta de Save A Sato. Gloria, acudio a una llamada de auxilio, en una escuela del area de San Juan, Puerto Rico, por una perrita que se encontraba herida alli. Al llegar al area, encontraron gravemente herida a una perrita blanca con una de sus patitas completamente destrozada, al parecer, esta fue atropellada y dejada sola a su suerte, aunque no estaba tan sola, por que a su lado se encontraba un valiente amigo canino, el cual le ayudaba a curar su herida, lamiendola para que no se infectara y hasta la protegia con ladridos para que nadie se le acercara! Gloria rapidamente llevo a la perrita y a su valiente protector a la clinica del Dr. Dominguez en Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, donde fueron atendidos, la herida que tenia en su patita fue tan grave, que ella tuvo que ser operada y sufrir una amputacion, pero esto la ayudo a no perder la vida, su amigo, paso todas sus pruebas y fue declarado como un perro saludable.

Esta accion de lealtad y proteccion que le brindo este perrito a su amiga, fue lo que lo llevo a nombrarse Quijote, el cual con su valentia, se mantuvo todo el tiempo al lado de su Dulcinea, protegiendola hasta que esta fue rescatada!

Dulcinea, cada dia va mejorando, y se encuentra en el albergue de los milagros de Save A Sato Foundation, su valiente amigo Quijote, se encuentra con ella y juegan juntos cada vez que tienen la oportunidad, los voluntarios de Save A Sato, continuan buscando donaciones, para poder costear los gastos de su operacion y cada dia que pasa, esperan con ilusion, que esta historia de amor y amistad, tenga el mas feliz de los finales, encontrando un "Forever Home" donde estos buenos amigos, vivan juntos, para siempre!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dear Save A Sato Fan!
Would you like to help the satos from our shelter in a fun, easy and a free way! vote for us everyday on the animal rescue site, shelter challenge! we've been participating on this challenge for the last 3 years without having the opportunity to win the 1st place :(....but we never give up and keep on dreaming of winning, please vote for us everyday from your computer, your smartphone, laptop and tablet. The money from the prize is to continue on the recovery of our 400 and more dogs and cats on the Save A Sato Foundation, shelters! 

Visit the Animal Rescue Site shelter challenge web page by clicking here ***search for Save A Sato country Puerto Rico*** and vote everyday untill the challenge ends march 18 at midnight!