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Saturday, October 24, 2009

No Animals Left Behind - Refinery Emergency Evacuation Information

Below is some information for temporary shelter of pets for people having to evacuate their homes due to the Gulf Refinery fires -

The School of Veterinary Doctors reminded authorities and residents required to evacuate their homes to include their animals in their plans of evacuation. In a press release, the School noted that no animal should be left in the middle of this dangerous emergency caused by the explosions of the gasoline tanks in the Gulf refinery in Cataño.

Suggestions for alternate shelter for animals include -

* Local Shelters
* Local Veterinary Clinics
* Friend or Relatives home

Prepare the basic necessities for the animal such as food, medicine, identification, contact information of the owners and certificate of vaccinations. Where space is available, veterinary doctors in the area will shelter the animals in their clinics.

For information and to coordinate the shelter of an animal at one of the veterinary clinics please contact the College of Veterinarians at 787-283-0565 or to 787-283-2840.

The Center Animal Control of the Municipality of Carolina is also providing animal shelter for those affected by the explosion at the refinery. Tel 787-752-7272 or 787-752-7273

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Our thoughts are with all of those affected by the explosion and fires.

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