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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sasha and Betty, in need of a new home

This is Sasha. Her owner died and she and her sister got left alone in a house for who knows how long. When they found her, their hair was extremely long, you couldn't even see their faces. When Gloria, Save a Sato's president, took them into the shelter, she spent hours cutting and detangling all their hair. She was in very bad condition, but she's getting better now. She is a senior dog, extremely sweet, calm, and loving. She needs someone to take very good care of her for her last years in this world. We don't know how was her life before arriving to the shelter, but she deserves someone that will love her for the rest of her life and give her lots of attention and affection. She probably doesn't see too well, so she needs someone that will treat her gently. She would be a great dog for an older person or a calm home without young children.

She will be your best company if you give her the chance. Look at those eyes, you can see her old soul waiting for her new life.

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