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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas from Boston!

Gracey, found her forever home!

   Merry Christmas to Save A Sato. My name is Rich and about a month ago I
adopted Gracey (Sandy) the sweetest one eyed mini dachshund on earth. I
knew when I saw her among all the "perfect puppies" at the shelter that
there was something very special about this little girl. She is the
sweetest, most loving dog I've ever adopted. She now lives here in
Everett, MA with me and her new sister Natasha (a chia-Peeke) and they
are getting along great. Gracie experienced her first snow the other
day and, although she doesn't love it, the tail keeps wagging. Thank
you for all that your organization does and, for bringing this little
munchkin into our family. Attached is Gracey's christmas picture. I
hope you enjoy it it. Merry Christmas.
             Rich, Gracey, and Natasha

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