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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gloria Marti & The Save A Sato Foundation on Primera Hora 2/26/2011

Compromise of love that last forever:

when you adopt a dog on a shelter, you save two lives, his and the next dogs that takes his place.

Teresa Canino
Primera Hora

Nobody pays her for the job that she does. Only a few knows of her hard daily routine. Gloria Marti, barely rest. Although, she works happy, believing that the work that she do everyday is a big compromise with the hundreds of dogs that she rescue.
They have come from every part of the island, in the hands of strangers, from rescue partners, others has even been tied up and left in front of the shelter. Some others has been picked up from the streets by herself and with the help of a few volunteers from The Save A Sato Foundation, they has been cured, feed and offered a secure shelter till they get adopted.

Marti, dreams with the day that finally the goverment stablish a law, that force puertorricans to sterilize their dogs, so finally the problem of overpopulation of animals in Puerto Rico can be controlled.


  1. No conosco a Gloria personalmente....pero sigo diciendo que es un ANGEL! Dios la bendiga siempre!!

  2. Do you like cats too ?

  3. me gustaria saber donde recogen a los pobres animales realengos pues veo montones a diario y nadie los recoge no creo en estas instituciones son para lucrarse y yo si amo a los animales pues a diario les pongo enla calle hasta mi almuerzo me pregunto donde estan estas instituciones y que hacen pues no las ha visto nunca en la calle a donde tienen que salir para ver el sufrimiento de estos animales

  4. un dia llame a amigos d elos animales y me dejo en shock la forma en que me hablo la presidenta, le hable de una perrita tirada con una pata rota en la calle y me dijo cojala y llevela usted al veterinario fue la forma grosera que me atendio yo no podia creerlo no den donaciones son para lucrarse se aprovechan de lo sentimientos de personas buenas