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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pablo need your help!! this is his last chance!

Do you remember Pablo? the sato sentenced to death row? a couple of month ago he was saved from death row, but now he needs help again, he is still on "Jail" on a shelter, this is a Email, sent to the Save A Sato volunteers by Robin Urbani. Please read it and if you can help in any way do it! is very important for us and Robin, to save Pablo's life! If you want to read Pablo's story first, please Click Here:

I hope you remember me. I am Pablo's "owner", the Sato that was almost euthanized in April but was saved at his hearing. After we won at the hearing for Pablo they made us believe they were going to help us locate a place for him (the lawyers, the animal control officers, etc.)..I have been writing to sanctuaries and private trainers but so far have not found anyone that will take him.
He is doing very well at the facility and they adore him there..but the date they gave us is coming up..June 1st..the new deadline before he is euthanized unless someone will agree to take him home.
The good news it is does NOT have to be a trainer or a sanctuary anymore. After spending a few months with Pablo they realized that he is not a "threat" to society, and anyone that is responsible as a pet owner and does not have children, can adopt him.
I am hoping to eventually get him back. He just will never be allowed to live in my town. But, my daughter lives in NY and she could take him, or if I move, which I am planning to, he can come back to me.
I am just looking for anyone that could be approved by the ACO as a caretaker for Pablo that does not have children, has a fenced in yard and is willing to adopt him... Once we get him out of the Animal Control Facility his life will no longer be in danger and I can continue to find a permanent place for him. I am willing to pay for his food, and also behavioral training for him.
I love him SO MUCH!!! My daughter also, and everyone that knows him.
The anniversary of my son's death is coming up June 15th. I know my daughter's heart will be broken again in a very serious way if Pablo is not rescued.
Can you help us find someone that might be willing to help?
I would be so very grateful and i know whomever takes him will not be sorry they did.
The ACO told me if I even have a couple of names of people that are interested in trying by June 1st she will continue to keep him there and not euthanize him. She is a great is her boss that is not an animal lover and does not have any compassion.
Please let me know. Pablo gets along well with anyone that is truly an animal lover, and female dogs, and some cats.

Thank you,
Robin Urbani
Feel free to pass along my information to anyone and have them text me if they know anyone that might be able to help.


  1. What happened to Pablo? Did someone step up?

  2. I'm so sorry that I live in PR , because , if Pablo was near me I would've help him for sure. It's cruel to see how people treat puppies and kittens. Please help Pablo!!!

  3. Any news? What happened?

  4. Today June 9, 2011 I saw on the owners profile on Facebook, that Pablo was rescued!!, someone offered her house and it was approved!! now Pablo is not on a shelter anymore!