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Monday, July 4, 2011

A happy ending for one of our satos!!! Arturo!

Our new friend , Andrew P. Huffman wrote to Save A Sato

Sato Arturo was adopted from Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA.  He now lives in the city that gave birth to the famous author Jack Kerouac, Lowell, MA.  Arturo loves frequent daily walks, playing fetch and small pieces of hot dog!  He is also a fan of attending old-time baseball games and the Boston Red Sox.  Arturo is loved by his new family!  Thank you Save a Sato!
thanks for saving this sato! and for giving him a Forever Home!!!
The Save A Sato Volunteers!!


  1. it is our pleasure to provide Arturo with a forever home. He just completed his course with a dog obedience trainer and is adjusting well to family life. Thank you Save a Sato!

  2. Yay! We transported Arturo and he was awesome. I'm so glad he found a great home :-)

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  4. I just wanted to say it is now almost 5 years later and Arturo is happy and healthy living with us. As I type this in bed on my tablet, Arturo is sleeping (and snoring) on my shoulder. What a wonderful dog!