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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Because Satos have big dreams too!

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Will you help us, update our playground area for the Satos, during this 2012?
During the month of June of 2012, the Save A Sato, volunteers, held a meeting on the shelter, where they decided to get some funds, $3500.00 to be exact, to update the playground area for the satos, on the shelter! We are counting with your help, to make this wish come true, some volunteers, has already given their time and expertise , designing, how the area would look like! Special thanks to Heidi Quintero for that!  Please downloads these PDF's that you'll see under the art concept image, if you wish dream with us too! if you wish this dream come true, dont forget to donate! The easiest way to donate is by Paypal, and write on the coments, for the Sato's Playground! Also if you wish to buy a Home Depot Gift Card, you can send it to the shelter by mail, in that way we can start buying the contruction materials faster!

Save A Sato
c/o Gloria Marti
PO box 37964
San juan P.R
 Concept Art by Heidi Quintero:

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