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Monday, October 8, 2012

A Happy ending for Solei!!!

Eric, with Solein and Duncan
Save A Sato foundation:
Solei is doing well and is a steady 19.6 lbs and her brother Duncan (also a Sato) is 30.4 lbs.
She has longer legs that him but they are about the same height and she can run circles around him!
Here is a picture of a recent colder morning and her adjustment to the New England climate.

The other picture is actually on my business cards.  I am the Plymouth County Massachusetts regional director for K9 Contain & Train which is an electric dog fence company.
We give an option to people to safely contain their dogs that can not afford a physical fence.
I do the appointments, installs, fence trainings, etc.. and get to work with lots of different dogs up here on the Southeast coast of Massachusetts.

Any chance you could like our Facebook page?  It's K9 Fence!

Duncan and Solei
Thank you Eric for this update on Solei, and for giving her this chance of a new life! Keep on helping families with your business we wish you the best and success!!

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