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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Here is Smucker, another happy ending for a sato from PR

Thanks for letting us know, how well are our satos living their life after being rescued from the streets and showing us this wonderful moments on their "Forever Homes"!! this help us to keep on going, saving more satos from the streets of Puerto Rico everyday!.

Here’s Smuckers celebrating his 2nd birthday, biscuits and candles and all…Oh my!!! He was obviously taken by SURPRISE!!!

 And what a show-off, here he is in his Halloween costume. I Think we have a new model for our "Volunteer to scort a sato" on our main webpage!


We hope to keep seeing and sharing moments like this everyday of the year! Visit our Facebook Page, also our main page and check our satos for adoptions, also check our Petfinder Page to see the satos currently on the shelter!

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