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Monday, July 11, 2016

Rita and her new family!

We want to give thanks to the Chicklo family for give a warm home to our sweet Rita. And give thanks, above all for their patience and love for this shy, sweet and pretty lady. Thanks Chicklo Family!! Enjoy your new life Rita❤️:

On March 20, 2016, my family and I adopted Rita from the Delaware County, PA, SPCA. The reason we adopted Rita was equal parts her name and her charming looks. My sister and grandmother are also named Rita. When we rescued her, she was scared, timid, and frightened of everything; but now she is happy, carefree, healthy, and energetic. She now weighs 15 lbs and has now become a part of our family. She loves to eat people food instead of her dog food but she is learning to love her dog food. We are grateful that you have rescued her and we found her. Attached are some photos of her.
The Chicklo Family

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