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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Commitment


To decrease the overpopulation problem and promote the proper care of dogs, I pledge to:

- Educate myself about dogs and think hard about it before having one.
- Adopt, instead of buying.
- Spay/neuter my dog.
- Integrate my dog to my family for his/her entire life.
- Vaccinate my dog and take him/her to the vet when he/she sick.
- Register my dog with the microchip.
- Bathe my dog.
- Walk my dog on a leash every day.
- Play with my dog.
- Educate others about the proper care of dogs.
- Report dog abuse.
- Help stray dogs.
- Be the hero that my dog thinks I am.

Spread the word so everyone in Puerto Rico makes this commitment. Make a difference and be a hero!

Sign the Commitment by sending an E-mail to

Facebook: Documental 100,000

Twitter: 100000_Movie

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