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Monday, March 19, 2012

We Need your help! Become A Sato Escort!

We always need transport escorts to accompany our dogs on flights to their new homes....federal law prohibits us from sending dogs without a corresponding traveler. If you are leaving Puerto Rico on an American Airline flight...Consider become a Sato escort!


Who can be an escort? Anyone aged 18 or older, who is traveling on an American Airlines flight that either originates or connects in San Juan.

What does it cost to be an escort? Nothing! Save a Sato pays all the fees associated with transporting the dogs, though any contributions are gratefully accepted and put directly toward helping the animals.

Can I still check my own luggage if I am an escort? Yes, but it is helpful for us to know exactly how many bags you will be checking.

How does it work?

Send us your travel itinerary (including your name, flight date and time and cell phone number) and we will check with our shelter partners to see if they can accept dogs on that date. We will confirm with you that we are sending dogs on your flight - so please let us know immediately if your travel plans change.
  • On the day of your flight, we will arrive at the airport several hours before departure to check in the dogs and pay the fees - it is best if you arrive at least two hours before your time of departure.

  • The dogs will travel on your ticket as additional luggage.

  • Please identify yourself to our volunteers - they will be with the dogs to the left of the Ameican Airlines Check-In counter ( and to the right of the security entrance to the gates). Our volunteer wil escort you to a ticket agent, so you can show your photo ID. You can do this after you have formally checked in. You will not be required to wait in line again with our volunteer.
  • On arrival, our partner volunteers will meet the dogs at baggage claim - the documentation travels with each dog, so you do not need to wait for the shelter team.
  • You can feel great about helping some very deserving animals on the final leg of their journey to finding a forever home.
What if my plane is delayed? Don't worry. Save a Sato will confirm the departure. If the flight is cancelled, we will pick up the dogs. Likewise, the receiving shelter volunteers will monitor the arrival time and know of any delays. You will have contact names and numbers for both Save a Sato and the receiving shelter, just in case.
How do I sign up? E-mail your travel plans and contact info to

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