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Monday, March 19, 2012

Love Satos, a poem from Solange I Roman 3rd grade student!

Our 8 years old friend Solange I Roman from Colegio Rosa-Bell, recently created a project in her classroom about a Super hero called The Sato Protector, inspired by love for the satos she also wrote this poem which she dramatized in front of her teacher and classmates! thanks to her proud mother Sheila, for sharing this with us! and thanks Solange for loving the satos!
     Love Satos
                           By Solange I. Rom├ín

The Satos are tender
Can be your best friends
Are loyal forever
If you treat them well.

They are cutie, soft and
Loveable too,
Be kind with the doggies
As they are with you

You never mistreat a poor little dog
Take him safe at home
So he could then feel
The danger is gone

Love Satos, remember
Don't forget my catchphrase

A Sato make happy
Why don't you adopt him?

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