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Monday, April 9, 2012

Another dog dumped on the streets! Que nos pasa PR?

This morning, Save A Sato was called to report another sato dumped on the streets of Puerto Rico, Gloria Marti, S.A.S president went personally to verify this information and she found out that this sato mom, was thrown away to the streets, because she was giving birth! The dog found shelter under the stairs of a building.
This poor sato mom, was figting to take away all the fire ants, that her little puppies had all around their little bodies! :(
The sato mom and puppies has been rescued and taken to the Shelter of Miracles from Save A Sato, the puppies has been cleaned and taken away all the fire ants.
The puppies had Fire ants bytes all around their heads and body parts!
The mom and the puppies are safe now, at the shelter, we hope that the puppies get well during the days and survive to the ant's bytes, Gloria wanted to address the people that keeps dumping dogs, because they are pregnant, or they get tired of them to stop doing this! if you get a dog, be responsible enough to sterilize him/her, and if you let them roam around the streets, without being sterilized be responsible for the result and don't take the easy way, like the owner of this dog did!


  1. AAArrrrrgggghhhhh. It never ends.

  2. thank god for ...SAVE A SATO

  3. I like that this story is finally telling the dog owners in P.R. to step up and act like responsible men and women for a change. I think responsibility, spay and neuter and laws focusing on penalties for those that abuse would help get things going in the right direction.

  4. God bless you for saving this momma and her puppies. My heart broke reading of the pups covered in ants. :(

    And thank you for saying what needs to be said. While we need to help the dogs that have been left on the streets, the only way to save them long-term is to stop the abandonment, stop the cruelty and to finally change the attitudes about sterilization once and for all. It needs to be done.