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Monday, March 19, 2012

Love Satos, a poem from Solange I Roman 3rd grade student!

Our 8 years old friend Solange I Roman from Colegio Rosa-Bell, recently created a project in her classroom about a Super hero called The Sato Protector, inspired by love for the satos she also wrote this poem which she dramatized in front of her teacher and classmates! thanks to her proud mother Sheila, for sharing this with us! and thanks Solange for loving the satos!
     Love Satos
                           By Solange I. Rom├ín

The Satos are tender
Can be your best friends
Are loyal forever
If you treat them well.

They are cutie, soft and
Loveable too,
Be kind with the doggies
As they are with you

You never mistreat a poor little dog
Take him safe at home
So he could then feel
The danger is gone

Love Satos, remember
Don't forget my catchphrase

A Sato make happy
Why don't you adopt him?

We Need your help! Become A Sato Escort!

We always need transport escorts to accompany our dogs on flights to their new homes....federal law prohibits us from sending dogs without a corresponding traveler. If you are leaving Puerto Rico on an American Airline flight...Consider become a Sato escort!


Who can be an escort? Anyone aged 18 or older, who is traveling on an American Airlines flight that either originates or connects in San Juan.

What does it cost to be an escort? Nothing! Save a Sato pays all the fees associated with transporting the dogs, though any contributions are gratefully accepted and put directly toward helping the animals.

Can I still check my own luggage if I am an escort? Yes, but it is helpful for us to know exactly how many bags you will be checking.

How does it work?

Send us your travel itinerary (including your name, flight date and time and cell phone number) and we will check with our shelter partners to see if they can accept dogs on that date. We will confirm with you that we are sending dogs on your flight - so please let us know immediately if your travel plans change.
  • On the day of your flight, we will arrive at the airport several hours before departure to check in the dogs and pay the fees - it is best if you arrive at least two hours before your time of departure.

  • The dogs will travel on your ticket as additional luggage.

  • Please identify yourself to our volunteers - they will be with the dogs to the left of the Ameican Airlines Check-In counter ( and to the right of the security entrance to the gates). Our volunteer wil escort you to a ticket agent, so you can show your photo ID. You can do this after you have formally checked in. You will not be required to wait in line again with our volunteer.
  • On arrival, our partner volunteers will meet the dogs at baggage claim - the documentation travels with each dog, so you do not need to wait for the shelter team.
  • You can feel great about helping some very deserving animals on the final leg of their journey to finding a forever home.
What if my plane is delayed? Don't worry. Save a Sato will confirm the departure. If the flight is cancelled, we will pick up the dogs. Likewise, the receiving shelter volunteers will monitor the arrival time and know of any delays. You will have contact names and numbers for both Save a Sato and the receiving shelter, just in case.
How do I sign up? E-mail your travel plans and contact info to

Monday, March 12, 2012

Save A Sato 2008 article on People Magazine Latin edition

Browsing around we found this article, and we wanted to share it with you, just  in case you missed it! click on the pictures for a larger view or click here to read it on Adobe PDF viewer

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A happy ending for Muneco (doll)! thanks to his new mother Rosanna!

Last October, the Save A Sato volunteers received and email with a petition for help from Rosanna Capo, here are the first lines of that email!

Rescate a un gatito satito de la calle, que aparentemente recibio un golpe fuerte. Pasa mucho trabajo para levantarse y grita mucho cuando lo hace. Yo soy una persona desempleada y no tengo mucho dinero. Mi esposo se opone a que lo lleve a un veterinario por los altos costos, y que estamos en mala situacion.

Yo amo al gatito y  sufro mucho  de verlo asi.Yo creo que el gatito tiene posibilidad de recuperarse si lo ve un doctor. Lo tengo dentro de la casa hace 2 dias.

Por favor, digame: ustedes no tienen veterinarios que ayuden, que sean personas concientes y le hagan precio a alguien que quiere rescatar a un gatito de la calle? Yo lo quiero cuidar y verlo recuperarse, pero carezco de medios para gastar mucho en cuidados. 

Rosanna, rescued a cat from the streets that was hit by a car and he was dying, she wanted to help him, but because of her been unemployed at the moment she could not afford to take him to the vet! She said on that email, that she was suffering from seeing this cat on pain, and she asked us for help!

Thanks to the donations that we receive from you, to help the animals in need, we were able to help Rosanna and Muneco!!, we sent her to Dr Dominguez office in San Juan PR, and he recovered thanks to the care of this veterinary and later, Rosanna took care of him at her house! Because Muneco was rescued from the streets, he had some issues in adapting to his new life inside a house, His new mother, very conscious about this little problem, never gave up, and keep taking care of him and helped him out to adapt to this new lifestyle, here is another email that she sent us on Munecos Progress!

El se la pasa mirando por la ventana y maullando altisimo. No podemos ver television tranquilos pues parece que le pasara algo. Se pone tan y tan histerico que lo encierro con su comida, agua y juguetes, en uno de los cuartos para que se tranquilice pq si lo dejo me rompe los screens ja! ja! ja! La pobre puerta del cuarto como es de madera, me la esta rompiendo sacandole pedazos. El es un gatito muy dulce y carinoso, pero creo que el hecho de haber sido realengo esta haciendo el proceso de adaptacion al encierro de una casa, traumatico para el. Aunque responde al carino, y es muy jugueton, pasa periodos largos quejandose hasta que se cansa. Mi esposo me pregunta si no estaremos haciendole dano. Yo le digo que peor es que ande solito por la calle con peligro de que otra persona o un perro le haga dano.

Rosana says on this words, that Muneco was spending most of the day, looking at the windows, scratching doors and mewing so hard that she was thinking, that maybe she was hurting him, by having him inside a house, but at the same time, she was also thinking about, the life that he would be living on the streets, alone, with no food, getting ran by dogs or even getting killed by cars, Rosanna keep on taking care of him, giving him lots and lots of love!

Now five months after all this events! Muneco has adapted to his new lifestyle! he has received all his vaccines and has been neutered! his new mother Rosanna, although she is still unemployed, she makes anything she can to keep him happy and she is also helping Save A Sato, by donating a little bit when she can and sending us food!

We at Save A Sato, are very proud of Rosanna, for doing the imposible, to save Muneco from the streets and we admire her!! Here is a message that she recently sent us and we also want to share with you and we would like you to share with others!

En verdad, el adoptar un animalito es una responsabilidad grande que solo alguien comprometido que lo ame, puede contraer. Aunque no es facil ver una puerta que estaba bien faltandole pedazos, yo pienso que el me necesita y yo a el. Lo amo tanto, que nada ni nadie podra separarme de mi Muneco, solo que muera de viejito. El es un maestro para mi, pues cuando lo encontre asi enfermito sin poder caminar, yo me desespere, llore y pense que no habia manera de salvarlo. Sin embargo, aposte a la fe en Dios, yo que estaba deprimida por estar desempleada, comenze a cantarle himnos para tranquilizarlo cuando lloraba, y eso me trajo a la memoria a Save a Sato. Yo imagine que ustedes quizas conocian algun veterinario que fuera humano, bondadoso y me hiciera precio por haberlo rescatado. Nunca pense que Save a Sato nos fuera ayudar tanto....De muchas maneras la llegada de "Muneco" a mi vida ha sido una bendicion. El me recordo, que no importa lo fea que se vea una situacion, siempre debemos tener fe y esperanza de encontrar una solucion. En el momento perfecto de Dios, yo encontrare el medio de ganarme la vida y una vivienda donde los 4 estemos comodos.

Es una verdadera desgracia que tantas personas consideren a los animales como objetos de los que se puede precindir, tirar a la calle, maltratar....

In fact, adopting a pet is a big responsibility that only someone committed to love him can do. Although it is not easy to see a door that was good, now broken in pieces, I always think that needs me and I need him. I love him so much that nothing or nobody will be able to leave my Muneco, only if he die of old. He is a teacher for me, because when I found him, unable to walk, I cried and thought there was no way to save him. However, I bet my faith in God,  although I was depressed about being unemployed, I began to sing him hymns to calm him when he cried, and I brought back memories of Save a Sato. I imagine that maybe you knew some veterinarian that were, kind and help me for rescuing him. I never thought that Save a Sato would help us both so much .... In many ways the arrival of "Muneco" to my life has been a blessing, he reminded me that no matter how bad you see a situation, we must always have faith and hope to find a solution. In God's perfect time, I will find the means to make a living and a home where we are all comfortable.

It is a disgrace that so many people consider animals as objects that can throw away, leave them in the streets, and abuse ....