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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Celebrating Be Kind to Animals Week - Sofia's Story

 In honor of Be Kind to Animals Week, I will introduce you to Sofia, one of the many dogs that suffer on the streets of Puerto Rico until a kind person crosses their path and offers them the help they so desperately need to survive.

In May of 2009, a little brown dog was found on the street in Puerto Rico. She was badly broken physically for sure, damage from an unknown source. Her eye had a shine to them however, and she gratefully accepted the help of humans. Even though it appeared both of her legs had been broken, she struggled to get to the humans and receive the help she so desperately needed.

Sofia the day she arrived at the shelter

In the photo above, you can see the damaged to her legs. She was seen by our veterinarian, who assumed she was hit by a car because of her injuries, and did not offer a good prognosis. She was diagnosed with bilateral femoral fractures - which means both of her thigh bones (femur) were broken and had healed poorly as she had received no veterinary care. Her injuries were old, and setting the breaks at this point was not an option, she would need extensive surgery to repair the damage. She was pain free, which was the only positive information from this vet visit. Gloria took her back to the shelter to take time to think about Sofia's situation, what was the kindest thing to do for this sweet girl that had never before been given a chance?
 Sofia, smiling despite the suffering she had endured

Gloria discussed Sofia's case with the board and volunteers, and it was decided that even with the costs of consultation and surgery, we should at least get a second opinion for her before making a decision. One of our very generous supporters offered to pay the cost of the consult and she was scheduled to see a specialist.
Sofia's story will continue throughout Be Kind to Animals Week, so visit us again tomorrow to learn more about this courageous dog and the people that helped her.

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  1. My Sato needed double knee surgery just six months after we rescued her. She is doing great and it was worth every penny. Either you're in for the total rescue or you're not. I am. If I were a Sato, I'd pray to be found! I think about that every day.....