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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Celebrating Be Kind to Animals Week - Sofia's Story Part Four

Part Four (Part Three here) (Part Two here) (Part One here)

Sofia recovered well from her leg surgery, she enjoyed her hydrotherapy and her new found freedom in being able to be out of her kennel to socialize with the other dogs at the shelter. She would visit all the kennels to say hello to all her canine friends, and greet our human visitor's with much enthusiasm.

My words could never convey the happiness of Sofia, so I share with you instead her photos, taken between July 2009 and May 2010 -

 Sofia after a swim

Sofia standing tall

Sofia and her little friend

Two kids are better than one!

Surveying the shelter, who will pet me next?

Hi, I am so happy to see you!

Love from one of Sofia's angels

Another part of Sofia's rehabilitation was to receive Reiki from our friend Caly Lehrer from Peace-By-Peace in New Jersey. 

Sofia welcomes Caly

Sofia receiving Reiki

Thank you kisses for Gloria

 It was our goal to help Sofia to be able to walk comfortably again, and her determination, strength and courage helped us all to stay motivated. She was not satisfied to simply walk through life, little Sofia had bigger plans -

 Why walk when you can run!

...and run...

and run some more!

Sofia healed!

The little brown dog, found in a box at the park, has not only made a complete transformation in her year with us, but in the process she taught all of us a big lesson in determination. The next part of her journey will be to find a family of her own. We wait for a partner shelter to accept Sofia into their adoption program. Will there be someone that can look beyond her physical scars and see her exuberant personality? Her legs may be "less than perfect" but her spirit is canine perfection. Our new goal is to find a home for our little princess Sofia.

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  1. She's beautiful and her success story is a lot like my little Sato girl's story! Best wishes for a happy forever home for Princess Sofia!